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Volume 11 Number 22 Year 2019

21 articles in this issue 

Alejandro Palacios Espinosa,José Luis Espinoza Villavicencio,Alberto Menéndez Buxadera

Introduction: The Cebu Cuba Livestock Improvement Program (PMGC) has a control system based on the individual results of approximately 12,000 purebred females distributed throughout several herds throughout the country. Are recorded in young males, the we... see more

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Alba M. Ortega Gómez,Cristina Montiel,Ángeles Gallegos Tavera,Aristeo Pacheco,Francisco Bautista

Introduction: Rainfed agriculture is one of the most vulnerable forms of crop to the effects of climate change producing either drought or excess moisture and thus damaging crops and causing substantial economic damage. In developing countries with scarce... see more

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Juan Manuel Guizar Mendoza,Christian Andrea López Ayuso,Norma Amador Licona,Odette Lozano Palomino,Carlos Alberto García Gutiérrez

Introduction: Dental caries in children is a public health problem of multifactorial origin. Oral hygiene habits are acquired in the first years of life, so the responsible caregiver plays an important role.Objective: To identify the determinants of the r... see more

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Sonia Herrera Monroy,Rogelio Castro Brindis,Jesús Pérez Moreno,Eduardo Valdés Velarde

Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) is one of the most important agricultural products in the world, since more than 56 countries are dedicated to its cultivation and it is the main agricultural commodity since the period 1962-1989 and coffee orange rust (Hemileia... see more

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Olivia García Galindo,Uriel Figueroa Viramontes,José Antonio Cueto Wong,Gregorio Núñez Hernández,Miguel Ángel Gallegos Robles,José Dimas López Martínez

Introduction: The Comarca Lagunera, located in the states of Coahuila and Durango, Mexico, is the region with the highest milk production in the country. In this region, dairy farms with agricultural areas for the production of forage crops are common, wh... see more

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Omar Aguilar Mejía,Rubén Tapia Olvera,Iván de Jesús Rivas Cambero,Hertwin Minor Popocalt

This paper presents a controller performance that is develop employing an adaptive B-spline neural network algorithm for adjusting the rotor speed of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. It includes a comparative analysis with three control strategies:... see more

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Martín Aguilar Tlatelpa,Guillermo Calderón Zavala,María Alejandra Gutiérrez Espinosa,Ricardo Lobato Ortiz,Leobigildo Córdoba Téllez,Victor Volke Haller,Marja Liza Fajardo Franco,Amalio Santacruz Varela

In a breeding program for strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) it is important to have a methodology to evaluate the genetic integrity of the plant in all the stages of increase, from different criteria, such as morphological, physiological and molecular; for... see more

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Juan Antonio Núñez Colima,Alejandro Moreno Reséndez,Luis Manuel Valenzuela Núñez,Rafael Rodríguez Martínez,Anselmo González Torres,Cristina García De La Peña,Juan Ramón Esparza Rivera,Jaime Molina Ochoa

In the Comarca Lagunera the area estimated of pecan (Carya illinoensis) is 9,208 ha-1, with an approximate yield of 1, 459 t of pecan ha-1. Varieties predominants in the Comarca Lagunera are Wichita and Western. When the demand for nutrients in the plants... see more

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Marco A. Escobar,José R. Guzmán Sepúlveda,Jorge R. Parra Michel,Rafael Guzmán Cabrera

Introduction: We propose a novel approach for the assessment of the similarity of retinal vessel segmentation images that is based on linking the standard performance metrics of a segmentation algorithm, with the actual structural properties of the images... see more

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Jaime Sebastián F. Galán Jiménez,Omar Sánchez-Armáss Cappello,Luis Felipe García y Barragán

Introduction: Desensitization to violence is the result of exposure to violence. It reduces the negative emotions in cognitive and physiological responses to violence and can even generate a positive response to it.Method: A mixed sequential method yieldi... see more

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Luis Antonio Molina Corral,Laura Cristina Piñón Howlet,Alma Lilia Sapién Aguilar,Víctor Manuel Gallegos Cereceres

Introduction: The only source of sustainable competitive advantage of an organization is its ability to learn sooner than the competition. The sector of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMES) represents more than 98% of all enterprises and prov... see more

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Alonso Carriles Álvarez,Jaime Humberto Beltrán Godoy,Leovardo Mata Mata

From the end of the 1990’s and the beginning of the 2000’s, Latin American region experienced the largest female labor force participation growth in the world.  Recent literature (Camou, 2015; Chioda, 2016; Gasparini & Marchionni, 2015; Klasen, 2018;... see more

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Jorge Armando López Lemus,María Teresa De la Garza Carranza

Introduction: The main objective is to know the joint influence of business management practices, innovation and entrepreneurship on the performance of entrepreneurial firms in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.Method: The methodological design was quantita... see more

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Gerardo Reyes Guzmán,Abraham Sánchez Ruíz,Perla Esperanza Rostro Hernández,Alfredo Alfonso Nava Morales

Introduction: The aim of this paper to elaborate a cost-benefit analysis to estimate the convenience of investing in a new prison within San Pedro Cholula, a municipality located in the Mexican Federal State of Puebla.      &... see more

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Thalia Monserrat Honorato Bernal,Norma Ivonne González Arratia López Fuentes,Ana Olivia Ruiz Martínez,Patricia Andrade Palos

Suicide is considered a public health problem that has increased exponentially, so identify a population on suicide risk as well as associated factors, is essential for prevention in the adolescent population. This study analyzed the influence of self-est... see more

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Osval Antonio Montesinos López,Francisco Javier Luna Vázquez,Emeterio Franco Pérez,Alberto Pastrana Palma,Raymundo Buenrostro Mariscal

Introduction: The transparent evaluation of projects proposals for scientific research with financial support through calls made by governmental institutions or private organizations becomes extremely important, along with increasing confidence in the res... see more

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Jose Efren Leyva-Duarte,José de Jesús Chávez Martínez,Francisco Javier Pinedo-de-Anda,Juan Cayetano Niebla-Zatarain

Introduction: This article aims to provide an analysis of the information on scientific research publications of Organizational culture available in the Web of Science. For this, a bibliometric analysis of the publications of the Web of Science Core Colle... see more

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