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Volume 19 Number 1 Year 2021

18 articles in this issue 

Andres Dharma Nurhalim

The purpose of this study aims to explain the effect of electronic money on inflation and how much influence it has on the Indonesian economy. In this study the authors used a quantitative approach. The variables used are inflation, electronic money, exch... see more

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Asep Sugara, MD Sukamto, Rida Ramdani

This study aims to determine the Droom Store strategy in winning business competition in Lazada E-Commerce and increasing customer satisfaction. The analytical approach used is to use a qualitative approach. Where the owner of Drooms Store used as key inf... see more

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Devi Dwi Agusthera, Theresia Militina, Saida Zainurrosalmia ZA

This study aims to analyze and find out Brand Identification, Self-Concept Connection, Brand Love and Brand Loyalty for iPhone brand Smartphone users in Samarinda. The background of this research refers to the relationship between Brand Identification and... see more

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Devi Rahnjen Wijayadne, Timotius Fcw Sutrisno, Aria Ganna Henryanto, Bontor Dodi Pasaribu

Supply chain management has evolved into value chain management driven by consumer needs. Besides pursuing increased efficiency, it recognizes the importance of consumer needs and attempts to capture the intricacies of consumer value as a source of differ... see more

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Diana Silaswara, Andy Andy, Tjong Se Fung

The basis of research aims to determine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially on the factors that trigger online purchase decisions made. This study is a comparative study because it compares the effect of Online Promotion (X1) and Lifestyle (X2... see more

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Farid Addy Sumantri, Agus Kusnawan, Rr. Dian Anggraeni

Earnings Management is the action of a manager by presenting reports that increase or decrease profit for the current period of the business unit for which is responsible, without causing an increase or decrease in the unit's long-term economic profitabil... see more

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Gusti Noorlitaria Achmad, Fitriansyah Fitriansyah

This study aims to find out: 1) The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Performance of oil processing companies in Balikpapan; 2) Effect of Transactional Leadership Style on Employee Performance of oil processing companies in Balikpapa... see more

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Heri Satrianto, Berlin Silaban, Rinintha Parameswari

The study is intended to determine The Role of Small Micro Enterprises in Production Snack and Product Innovation towards an Additional Community Economic in Tangerang City. Micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have an important role in the economy ... see more

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Indra Gunawan, Agus Kusnawan, Eso Hernawan

This research was conducted based on the desire of the researchers to find out how much influence the Work from Home policy has on the effectiveness and productivity of work, especially for workers in the Tangerang area The dependent factor studied was th... see more

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Irantha Hendrika Kenang, Junko Alesandro, Alexander Marfin Sutanto Putra

This study uses S-O-R theory to determine the effect of Information Transparency and Curiosity on the Purchase Intention of the Comme business. This research is a quantitative research. Primary data is collected using questionnaires. The sampling techniqu... see more

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Pujiarti Pujiarti, Rinintha Parameswari, Suhendar Janamarta

Performance appraisal is a planned process and must be carried out periodically to measure the success of the education and learning process. The author limits the discussion in this article to the aspects that must be assessed for educators and education... see more

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Rachmat Gustiana, Mustofa Mustofa, Beby Pebri Nurjaman

This study aims to explain the service mechanism at Bank BJB, Tangerang City Branch to its customers. The research objective was to explain the service level and customer satisfaction index value of the Bank BJB Branch of Tangerang City. The research meth... see more

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Raston Sitio, Charles V Sianipar, Rodeyar Pasaribu, Parel Naibaho, Dessy Merhandrie

The urgency of this research was to get the impact of corporate culture, division of labour and organizational structure toward employee job performance of PT. XYZ. This study will get variables which have the most dominant influence on job performance. T... see more

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Hery Winoto Tj, Melitina Tecualu, Shierli Wijaya

The purpose of this study is to analyze whether the compensation and supervisor support variables mediated by job satisfaction affect employee retention at PT Pradu. The population in this study were 55 employees of the non-academic division. The sampling... see more

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Suhartini Suhartini

The pandemic period which lasted throughout 2020 gave its own meaning to a company, this study aims to determine the factors- factors affecting employee performance during the pandemic corona 19 at PT Berlian Palugada Perkasa Cilegon Banten. This study us... see more

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Gregorius Widiyanto, FX. Pudjo Wibowo

This study aims to examine the effect of product quality on buying interest during the Covid 19 pandemic, trust in buying interest during the Covid 19 pandemic, ease of purchase interest during the Covid 19 pandemic, perceived usefulness of purchase inter... see more

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Paiaman Pardede, Maurits Sipahutar, Parulian Naibaho

The purpose of this study is to find the most appropriate model for predicting future stock prices, and the analytical tool used is ARIMA. In this study, the authors used the time series data of the share price of PT BNI (Persero) Tbk. from January 3, 201... see more

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Tri Anggreni, Canggih Gumanky Farunik, Hendra Hendra

Millennial has its own character of thinking, because when compared to the previous generation who carried out the process of adaptation to the development of information technology, millennial grew and lived with the technology. They thrive with memes, d... see more

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