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Number Vol17 Year 2021

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Karla Cristina Vire,Juan José Santillán

This action research analyzed the effect of ePals practices on the EFL writing of Ecuadorian students. Twenty-two junior high school students were part of a correspondence exchange with American students over four months. Data collection and analysis used... see more


Ayse Nesil Demir,Senem Zaimoglu

A growing number of researches have stressed the significance of foreign language anxiety in foreign language learning like Horwitz (1986), Conway (2007) and Elaldi (2016). However, these studies have generally demonstrated foreign language anxiety to be ... see more


Neris Taymaz

In the path of academic writing, authors accomplish certain interactions with their readers through the means of meta-discourse markers such as hedges and boosters. There have been many studies that dwell on the function of meta-discourse markers (Abdi, R... see more


Anbu Savekar,Shashikanta Tarai,Moksha Singh,Roopak Raag

Previous studies have shown that motivation and interpersonal communication between teacher and student contribute to the learning of language. Till date, there is no quantitative study to assess the impact of prosocial and positive emotional contents tha... see more


Hamzeh Mohammad Al-Harbi,Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh

This cross-sectional study examined the effects of English language proficiency on Jordanian EFL students’ production and comprehension of apology strategies. The participants were 270 Jordanian EFL learners and 90 native speakers of English. Data were co... see more


Mesut Kuleli

The aim of this study is to make a semiotic analysis of William Shakespeare’s play titled Othello in the light of Jean-Claude Coquet's “Theory of Instances of Enunciation” and compare Turkish translations of the contexts analyzed in the original play from... see more


Shafaq Sameen,Aisha Farid,Sabboor Hussain

This research yields a review on demotivation among students due to poor language skills resulting in less participation in classrooms. It provides code-switching, the alternating use of languages in the discourse, as a solution to this problem. It is mix... see more


Siti Sarah Fitriani,Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf,Ayu Zumara

The purpose of this study is to investigate the cognitive domain of Bloom’s taxonomy used in questions asked by lecturers to their students at Universitas Syiah Kuala and Universitas Islam Negeri Ar-Raniry in Banda Aceh. The data for the study were gather... see more


Taylan Akal

In Turkish, Relative Clause (RC) attachment ambiguity arises when two noun phrases (NPs) in a genitive construction follow the (RC). The present paper studies Turkish RC attachment preferences of Turkish native speakers in two experiments through off-line... see more


Noraini Zulkepli,Supyan Hussin

Due to the pivotal role that interaction plays in SLA, the issue of willingness to communicate has drawn considerable attention among researchers in the field. Nonetheless, literature on WTC has been primarily theoretical; little has been done to find pra... see more


Selim Pinar,Mehmet Bardakçi,Fadime Yalçin Arslan

The primary aim of this study is to investigate the factors influencing teachers’ professional learning the most among four factors; (a) teacher cognition and beliefs, (b) teacher emotions, (c) teacher motivation, and (d) contextual variables and find out... see more


Asri Siti Fatimah,Santiana Santiana,Fera Sulastri

As the revolutionary approach in education, the use of mobile devices for learning undoubtedly has a great influence on the students’ academic success. Many studies have found that these tools are satisfying in terms of authenticity, simplicity, and porta... see more


Bahadir Gülden

In terms of language teaching, individuals’ ability to master their native language and grammar rules directly affects foreign language acquisition processes. Considering this situation, which is also defined as “interdisciplinary” the background of forei... see more


Badri Abdulhakim DM Mudhsh,Nazrin B. Laskar

The current study endeavors to examine the learning and comprehension patterns of English aspect categories by Yemeni EFL students in the different levels of undergraduate program at the English department, faculty of arts at Sana’a University. The data o... see more


Ramazan Simsek,Mesut Gün

In foreign language education, the importance of corpus-based studies has been increasing. The priorities of the words taught in language education are determined within the framework of international criteria set through corpus-based studies. Corpus and ... see more


Fatma Yalçin Su,Abdullah Çetin

This study was put into practice with the aim of identifying reflections of bilingualism on preschool education. As a descriptive research design, ethnographic case study was used in the research. The study was carried out in a village school in the South... see more


Abdul Syahid,Abdul Qodir

To assess scientific progress from global to author levels, a large body of bibliometric studies could be found in many fields but relatively scarcer in the realm of language and linguistic studies, especially at a journal level. Motivated by the commitme... see more


Ilknur Baytar,Metin Timuçin

Foreign language teaching is a very challenging process and the materials chosen for teaching have of vital importance. In this sense, English teachers’ need for alternative materials to textbooks has been increasing day by day but deciding on the right m... see more


Maha Alhabbash,Negmeldin Alsheikh,Najah Al Mohammedi

The purpose of this mixed method study was two-fold. The first purpose was to investigate the role of using culturally-based materials on contributing to the advancement of oral communication of five EFL Arab college students through a six-week program, a... see more


Anwar A. H. Al-Athwary

AbstractThis theoretical study aims at raising awareness of the existence of lexical false friends (FFs) in English and Arabic as genetically unrelated languages. It also provides a general categorization for FFs from a semantic point of view. A sample of... see more


Igor Vinogradov

Languages in the Mesoamerican linguistic area have been reported to lack a dedicated means of expressing the privative meaning that encodes the absence of a participant in a situation. This micro-typological study identifies alternative strategies that th... see more


Arzu Çevik,Merve Müldür

This study aimed to reveal certain people’s perceptions and experiences regarding the lesson study model conducted within the Teaching Practice course under the program of Turkish Teaching at a state university in Turkey. The design of this research was d... see more


Mubeher Urun Goker

The goal of this study was to inquire the impact of the reflective coaching (RC) on development of pre-service EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers’ sense of efficacy and instructional skills. The reflective coaching program utilized in this study... see more


Merve Deveci Demir,Zekiye Müge Tavil

There is an assumption that technology-based materials are acquisition-rich input, and listening plays a significant role in daily communication as well as the education process. This study aims to examine the effect of technology-based materials on the s... see more


Halil Erdem Çocuk,Tugba Yanpar Yelken

The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the planned writing model on the writing anxiety, self-efficacy and Turkish course achievement of those learning Turkish as a foreign language. For this purpose, a 6-week planned writing model was... see more


Mine Yildiz

This study aims at drawing a conclusion about the use of the first language (L1) in language classes on which there is still no consensus among researchers. In line with this aim, the qualitative studies involving participants' views or practices obtained... see more


Seçkin Can,Aysegül Daloglu

This study investigates university preparatory school instructors’ self-efficacy beliefs in teaching English and its interaction with their background characteristics, reported proficiency level in English and their perceived use of teaching strategies wi... see more


Tania Ali Khan

Urdu language is a member of Indo-European family tree and within the zone of Indo-Iranian branch, whereas Turkish language is a member of Altaic family tree. Both of these languages belong to different family trees, but these languages have many words in... see more


Aliaa Al-Shibel

The purpose of this study is to investigate gender differences in classroom interactions and preferences by analysing data collected by a questionnaire, observations and interviews. The data were collected focussing on male and female attitudes towards th... see more


Hetti Waluati Triana,Martin Kustati,Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf,Reflinaldi Reflinaldi

The article aims to map the representation of female figures in the mass media in the COVID-19 discourses. This study is scoped into a female figure known as  Siti Fadilah Supari (SFS). SFS's representation starts from her inauguration as an educated... see more


Eunjeong Park,Youngjoo Yi,Jinsil Jang

In the field of second language (L2) writing, we have recently seen “a collective future trend towards methodological diversity and expansion of repertoires of research methods and approaches” (Manch?n & Matsuda, 2016, p. 9). In responding to the call for... see more


Abdulfattah Omar

In recent years, numerous computational methods have been developed that have been widely used in humanities and literary studies. In spite of the potential of such methods in providing workable solutions to various inherent problems in research within th... see more


Nataliia Burka

The paper presents the results of a complex study of ?onsonantal phonemes' syntagmatics, registered at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the word throughout the historical development of the English language. The analysis of frequencies of co... see more


Tuncay Türkben

This research was conducted to evaluate the efforts made by Turkish teachers on developing written expression in their classrooms by considering the basic principles of the process-based writing approach and to determine whether the students' written expr... see more


Nurdan Bulan,Koray Kasapoglu

This research aims to investigate the impact of total physical response-storytelling (TPRS) and grammar-translation (G-T) methods on the elementary school third grade students’ acquisition of English vocabulary and the views of elementary school third gra... see more


Zekiye Özer,Ismail Firat Altay

This research examines the role of positive and negative emotions in language learning. To this end, enjoyment and anxiety, which are widely studied emotions in field of language education, were chosen for the current study. A quantitative research design... see more


Zamira Metaj Alimemaj

 AbstractMany foreign language learners encounter difficulties in pronouncing English language sounds, which potentially leads to misunderstanding in oral communication. Sometimes, the Albanian learners find pronunciation quite tricky when learning E... see more


Bora Demir,Görsev Sönmez

Today it is widely accepted that people perceive the world according to social, cultural, and economic conditions of the date range that they were born in. The term generation is used to define people born around the same time and have common characterist... see more