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Volume 13 Number 1 Year 2021

23 articles in this issue 

Masduki Ahmad,Heni Rochimah

This research was conducted to show the contribution of workload and compensation to teacher burnout in Cilacap Regency. The methodology in this study is the quantitative approach with multiple linear regression models. The sample was conducted on 142 tea... see more

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Arini Nurul Hidayati,Tenia Ramalia,Fuad Abdullah

This present study reports 30 students' first learning experiences when using Skype in an English Language Teaching (ELT) webinar series. Since numbers of ELT webinars have been flourishing throughout the corona pandemic situation in 2020, the utilization... see more

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Mu'jizatin Fadiana,Yulaikah Yulaikah,Diah Kusumawati

This study aims to develop a contextual mathematics learning video based on semiotics that supports learning from home. This type of research is development research using a 4-D model, which is modified into three stages, namely define, design, and develo... see more

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Andi Amri,Zulmi Ramdani,Jaka Warsihna,Lidwina Felisima Tae

This study aims to analyze and describe Tungku Tigo Sajarangan, Tali Tigo Sapilin as an indicator to achieve a world-class university. Descriptive qualitative research methods were used to answer this objective by conducting several procedures such as int... see more

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Amira Muflicha Daraini,Endang Fauziyati,Dewi Rochsantiningsih

This research scrutinized the students' perception of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the teaching and learning process. A qualitative approach as a primary framework was employed with a case study method. Twenty students were involved ... see more

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Elsa Magara,Jimmi Copriady,Roza Linda

This study aims to produce an assessment instrument to assess the ability to think creatively on hydrocarbon material and determine the validity of the assessment instrument. The research method used the research and development model of Borg and Gall. Th... see more

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Siti Insani Akbari,Irawan Irawan

This research aims to determine how the implementation and the effect of scientific integration in learning toward the formation of students' morals. The method used in this research was descriptive using a quantitative approach, for data collection was o... see more

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Vera Dewi Susanti,Ika Krisdiana

This study aims to see the effect of literacy skills on students' critical thinking skills. This research type is a correlational study to know the relationship between literacy skills and students' critical thinking skills. The total population is 168 st... see more

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Syahril - -,Sitti Riadil Janna,Fatimah .

This study aims to reveal the academic stress of final students in the current Covid-19 pandemic era. The research design used a quantitative descriptive survey of 113 students from various universities in Indonesia, including undergraduate (bachelor), ma... see more

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Afrianto Daud

This paper documents a fragment of a story in my life that plays a significant role in shaping my identity as an English teacher and influencing me in deciding to become an English teacher as my career choice. This study's research question is 'how and wh... see more

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Muhammad Najmussaqib Diya Alhaq,Nur Arifah Drajati,Agus Wijayanto

The purpose of this research is to examine the challenges faced by the learner and the activities they undertake concerning informal digital learning of English (IDLE) implementation in the English as foreign language (EFL) context. The impact of the COVI... see more

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Rahmat Nur,Suardi .,Nursalam .,Hasnah Kanji

This research aims to produce a model of strengthening character education in university. This study's substance problem is students' bad behavior, so it requires a more comprehensive model of supporting character education. The research used a mix-method... see more

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Ilmawati Fahmi Imron

The purpose of this study was to analyze the students' ability to construct a puzzle of Pancasila’ symbols by applying the STAD learning’s model to grade 1 students at SDN Gayam 3 Kediri. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. Data c... see more

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Partono - -,Wifda Untsa Nailufaz,Uswatun - Khasanah,Nur Anisa Amala Widyastuti,Sinta Ulliyana Hidayatika

This study aims to see how the process of internalizing moral values in Indonesian Foreign Schools, in this case, the Dutch Indonesian School in The Hague (SIDH). The research method used is descriptive qualitative with data collecting techniques such as ... see more

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Khairul Anwar,Sesti Novalina,Kasful Anwar,Lias Hasibuan,Dewi Suryani

This research aims to explore the political role of education in Indonesia and the problems encountered in its implementation and solutions to overcome. Close relationship Politics and education exist in a mutually related system in its implementation for... see more

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Yenni Hasnah,Pirman Ginting,Selamat Husni Hasibuan

This research aims to analyze the learning model's practice and its effect on increasing student activity and learning outcomes in listening subjects. This study employed quasi-experimental research with a non-equivalent control group design. The data wer... see more

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Irdalisa Irdalisa,Mega Elvianasti,Maesaroh Maesaroh,Husnin Nahry Yarza,Tuti Marjan Fuadi

The purpose of this research is that students' curiosity can be increased by using guided inquiry models assisted by ICT. In learning science, one of the things that must be improved is curiosity. Curiosity is a person's desire for information and knowled... see more

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Farman Farman,Arbain Arbain,Fitriyani Hali

This study aims to identify and describe students' learning style preferences in the mathematics education study program based on class and gender. This research is a type of quantitative research with a descriptive design that describes the percentage of... see more

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Made Saihu,Nasaruddin Umar

This study discusses the teaching-learning process seen from the humanistic education theory from Carl Ransom Rogers at Asmaul Husna Learning Park, South Jakarta. This paper focuses on the educational perspective's operation through fun learning technique... see more

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Pirman Ginting,Yenni Hasnah,Selamat Husni Hasibuan,Ismail Hanif Batubara

This paper addresses the question of how cognitive levels covering high, middle, and low order thinking skills are delineated in the questions seen from Bloom’s revised taxonomic framework and stimulus. To answer this question, the final-term examination ... see more

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Neni Hermita,Tommy Tanu Wijaya,Zetra Hainul Putra,Novi Yani Yora,Andi Suhandi

This study compares primary teachers' mental models with pre-service primary school teachers' mental models on the heat transfer concept. The mental model categories reviewed in this study include scientific, synthetic, and initial. This study's method wa... see more

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Leffi Noviyenti

This study investigates elementary school students’ anxiety over learning English, the influential factors of their anxiety, and the teacher’s strategies to reduce their anxiety. Anchored in a mixed research method, 75 fifth grade students at SDIT Robbi R... see more

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Roslinawati Roslinawati,Roman Rezki Utama

This study examines lecturers' behavioral changes in using a learning management system (LMS) during the COVID-19 pandemic at Tadulako University. This research used a qualitative approach, and the population was lecturers of Tadulako University selected ... see more

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