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Volume 18 Number 1 Year 2022

11 articles in this issue 

Bernard Richard Nainggolan,Pupung Purnawarman,Didi Sukyadi

Language testing development intervened with cognitive processes and higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) has impacted the English tests, included Indonesian university entrance exams within a decade. State universities in Indonesia which are in demand to ... see more

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Novia Purnomo,Khoe Yao Tung

To prepare the students with the demand of life in the future, teachers must continuously develop mastery of new knowledge, skills, competencies, and aptitudes. Education has entered a period of profound disruptive transition. It requires teachers to have... see more

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Rianti Setiadi,Sarinah Lo,Bobby Wiryawan Saputra

This descriptive quantitative study aims to explore Christian educators' mental health condition and well-being in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Data collection was carried out from March 30 to April 24, 2021. The participants of this study... see more

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Adriani Gunawan,Ahmad H Sutawidjaya,Indrawan Tjhin

Leadership style can not only shape employee behavior by influencing employee attitudes, such as their satisfaction, commitment, and well-being at work, but also can shape performance such as job involvement through motivational construction. The purpose ... see more

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Kristian Florensio Wijaya

Nowadays it is not sufficient enough for ELT educationalists to introduce their learners to L2 reading enterprises through one-way rigid trajectory; comprehension-based reading activities. Meanwhile, EFL learners critically demand more interactive, enjoya... see more

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Debora Eugene Catalina,Neng Priyanti

Christian teachers play a critical role in the implementation of holistic learning as the vision of Christian education is to transform students’ lives holistically. However, there seems to be a subtle debate in the implementation of holistic learning to ... see more

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Yanuard Putro Dwikristanto,Suyitno Muslim

Accounting is related to the practice of logical-mathematical calculations. The practice needs to be preceded by the basis of the correct meaning. The purpose of this study is to describe learning strategies that emphasize critical, logical, and reflectiv... see more

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Eliza Ariesta

This study aims to determine the effect the use of Media CD Interactive on the improvement of English vocabulary of early childhood and children's attention in the classroom in English lesson at Mutiara Harapan Islamic Kindergarten, Pondok Aren Tangerang.... see more

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