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Volume 5 Number 1 Year 2073

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A. Halil Thahir

It seems legitimate to say that the classical-conventional methodology gives birth to a rigid and theo-centric view of Islam. This form of methodology is dogmatic and is replete with a systematic indoctrination, such that would lead one to accept a partic... see more

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Abdul Kadir Riyadi

This paper is about a critical survey of Charles J. Adams? insights concerning the definition and nature of religion. We are particularly interested in digging up the logic and methodological inconsistency of Charles Adams as far as his offer on religious... see more

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Abdul Muis Naharong

Jih?d is one of the Islamic teachings which has been extensively discussed since the last few decades due to the increasing acts of violence perpetrated by some Muslims. This article tries to join this discussion by presenting Muh ammad ?Abd al-Sal?m Fara... see more

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Abdul Rokhim

This paper discusses the views of Muslims on the nature and legitimacy of bank interest as far as Syari?ah law is concerned. Three views are presented here. First is the view of the neo-revivalists who argue that bank interest is legally illegitimate and ... see more

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Akh. Muzakki

In the past decade or so, Islamism as a political concept and perhaps as an ideology has gained strong momentum in Indonesia. The fall of Soeharto after more than three decades in power has helped this ideology to emerge and exert itself particularly in t... see more

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Asmawi Asmawi

In speaking of Islamic studies, we need to remember two things. First is the approach by which we elaborate certain point from certain perspective. In Islamic studies?like in any other studies?approaches vary. Different approaches would bring different co... see more

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Biyanto Biyanto

This article deals with Muhammadiyah?s view of the inter-connection between religion and culture. Religion is a divine product while culture is a human invention. How these two different domains are inter-related will be a kind of formidable task to expos... see more

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Dede Nurohman

Two important concepts in economics represent the main ideas that this paper is concerned with, namely the concept of self-interest and mas lah ah. These two concepts will be analyzed in the light of what is commonly known as the economic rationality. The... see more

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Fawaizul Umam

Inter-religious conflict has been part of the history of religions. To the dismay of many, the conflict has escalated from time to time overshadowing the benevolent nature of religions as a blessing for mankind. Hence, instead of addressing the formidable... see more

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Hartono Hartono

This paper discusses the highly controversial issues in the northern part of Surabaya; an issue that has attracted the attention of both parents and teachers alike, the issue of High School students? attachment to the values of Islam. Many worried that gi... see more

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Makmun Syar?i

This paper discusses the problem of inter-marriage between customary law and Islamic law by referring to the laws of Panji Selaten and Beraji Niti as a case in point. These are the laws of Kutai Kertanegara Sultanate in Kalimantan. The paper particularly ... see more

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Said Aqiel Siradj

This paper is aimed at articulating the Sufi concept of tawhid, God unity. Tawhid has always been an intriguing issue to tackle within the premises of tasawuf considering that it is this notion that has triggered controversies over centuries. The Sufis ha... see more

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Yayuk Fauziyah

In the historiography of Islam, female ulama did not as yet receive a sufficient attention from both the historians and the masses. It is this unfortunate thing that this paper is concerned with. It traces the origin of this marginalization?as it were?and... see more

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Yulizar D. Sanrego Nz

Theories of Islamic economics have formed part and parcel of the global study on economy. Practically on the other hand, Islamic economics have shown its competing ability andreceived in turn a cheerful welcome from the business community as well as from ... see more

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Amal Fathullah Zarkasyi

In Islamic thought, Mu?tazilah has been classified as a rational form of current of thought. This paper is interested in exploring in a deeper manner this Mutazilite rationalism be referring specirfically to its concept of tauhid. We argue that Mu?tazilah... see more

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