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Volume 8 Number 1 Year 2021

12 articles in this issue 

Aflah Zakinov Irta ,Dewi Maulina ,Guritnaningsih A. Santoso

This study aims to investigate the role of descriptive norms and personality traits in predicting contraflow riding behavior among motorcyclists. A correlational study was conducted to 156 riders who have the active riding licenses, aged 17 to 51 years ol... see more

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Doddy Hendro Wibowo ,Emmanuel Satyo Yuwono

Career problems experienced by students may indicate that they do not understand their potential, lack of career information, choose wrong majors, doubt about career choices, and do not have a career yet. The purpose of this study is to determine whether ... see more

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Fathin Nazifa Ramadhanty ,Melok Roro Kinanthi

Adolescents from low socioeconomic status are prone to have poor quality of life. To gain optimal functioning, it is important to ensure they experience good quality of life. This study aims to examine whether family resilience affect quality of life amon... see more

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Azti Verina Noor Azizah Kosasih ,Sarbini Sarbini ,Agus Mulyana

The internet is an unavoidable necessity. There are positive and negative impacts of internet. One of the negative impacts is addiction. Reasons for someone become addicted to the internet including leisure boredom and religiosity. This study aims to dete... see more

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Gita Aulia Nurani ,Asmadi Alsa

This study aims to test empirically the effect of the mind maps visual learning method on increasing the self-efficacy of learning mathematics in junior high school students. The research design used a quasi-experimental design with the one-group pretest-... see more

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Ulfiah Ulfiah

The background of this study is based on the significance of family counseling to increase family resilience. This counseling is needed to help families in dealing with complex family problems and involves many factors. The purpose of this study is to rev... see more

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Siti Rohmah Nurhayati

This study aims to explore the types of marital quality. A survey was distributed to 316 participants with the characteristics of having been married for at least five years and identified themselves as people of Yogyakarta, which were obtained purposivel... see more

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Fridayanti Fridayanti ,Ayu Permatasari ,Adang Hambali

This study aims to examine the role of hardiness in moderating the effect of job insecurity on job stress. The research method used is quantitative causality. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling. The total respondents in this study were... see more

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Fetty Nur Tiyaningsih ,Santi Sulandari

This study aims to describe the problem, the form of optimism, and influential factors of optimism on elder people who experienced loss of the loved ones. This study used quantitative-phenomenology with the data collection used semi-structured interviews.... see more

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Nuri Ersy Pasyola ,Asti Meiza Abdullah ,Diah Puspasari

The presence of children will affect the lives of their parents. Parenting and educating Intellectual Disability (ID) children creates certain pressures, especially for mothers. Many mothers experienced stress and have feelings of uncertainty about their ... see more

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Erna Risnawati ,Fatma Nuraqmarina ,Laila Meiliyandrie Indah Wardani

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of fathers involvement in parenting towards the development of self esteem in adolescents. This research used quantitative method with purposive sampling technique. The participants were 149 adolescents who... see more

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Fenti Hikmawati ,Alida Nurawaliah ,Ila Nurlaila Hidayat

One of the most important developmental tasks for adolescents is to find self-identity. Some of the teenagers take education in Islamic boarding schools so that they have a special predicate as Islamic students or santri. For this reason, it is important ... see more

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