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Volume 5 Number 1 Year 2021

11 articles in this issue 

Afinda Apriliani Utami,Achdiar Redy Setiawan,Muhammad Asim Asy’ari

This study aims to determine the phenomenon of profit sharing in theSyariah Trade Center (STC) Surabaya through the disclosure ofawareness of managers and traders. Islamic phenomenology waschosen to explore Islamic values related to the meaning of actors.... see more

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Andriati Fitriningrum,Andrey Hasiholan Pulungan

The aims of this study are to examine the impacts of liberalization policy on the monopoly postal service market in developing countries like Indonesia. Liberalization policy has altered the business and way of State Owned Enterprise (SOE) to run its soci... see more

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Vita Indah Puspitasari,Novrida Qudsi Lutfillah,Anna Isrowiyah

This study aims to determine the process of preparing local government hospital financial statements and constraints faced during its process. This study is qualitative research. This study found that the process of preparing hospital financial reports in... see more

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Mega Noerman Ningtyas,Pipit Rosita Andarsari

This research was conducted to test and analyze financial literacy on business continuity with financial behavior as a mediator. Data analysis by using 130 respondents of female MSME actors in Malang City. This research shows that financial literacy has a... see more

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Muhammad Hasyim Ashari,Yudhi Anggoro

This study aims to determine the practicality of the green accounting practices at Public Hospitals in Malang Raya which is expected to have an impact on business success. The approach used is descriptive quantitative. The results show green accounting pr... see more

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Lilik Absari,Siti Musyarofah,Bambang Haryadi

This research was conducted at the dr. Soedomo Trenggalek Hospital in 2017, by implementing two performance measurement systems, Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). The aim is to understand the performance of ... see more

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Yulia Audina,Utami Puji Lestari

This study aims to analyze how Activity Based Costing can improve acompany’s profitability. This study employed a qualitative method witha case study approach. The study collected primary data throughinterviews, secondary data taken from cost of goods man... see more

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Widya Sari,Sonia Suryanti,Selly Selly,Chintya Tanni Sari,Christine Christine,Kevin Gozali

This study analyzes competency variables, job satisfaction, and physical work environment as determinants of employee’s performance. The analysis method used is multiple regression analysis. The results showed that employee performance was influenced by c... see more

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Irfan Nurahmadi Harish,Dwi Hartanti

This study aims to analyse the capacity and costs of resources that have been sacrificed by a hospital to produce services. Qualitative and case study approaches were used in research with primary data collected directly from hospital and analys... see more

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Angki Wibisono

This study aims to analyze the leadership and organizational climate on work engagement. Quantitative research methods are used, with a sample size of 276 employees of car and motorcycle sales companies. The results showed that leadership and organization... see more

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Mohamad Anwar Thalib

This study aims to formulate a form of accountability for the cost of marriage on the part of women in Gorontalo. This research uses spiritual paradigm. The approach used is the Islamic ethnometodology. The results found that a sense of kinship is the acc... see more

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