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Volume 3 Number 2 Year 2021

13 articles in this issue 

Ahmad Faisal, Frisma Handayanna, Indah Purnamasari

The application of online learning in various educational institutions in the Covid-19 Pandemic has had an impact on behavioral attitudes where many educators and students have also complained about the limited technology facilities, operations, and inter... see more

Pags. 85 - 92  

Kristiawan Nugroho

Cyberbullying is a very interesting research topic because of the development of communication technology, especially social media, which causes negative consequences where people can bully each other, causing victims and even suicide. The phenomenon of C... see more

Pags. 93 - 100  

Ria Astriratma, Helena Nurramdhani Irmanda

This study aims to create an archiving information system that can be used to store data held by government officials in Citeras Village as needed. The research stage was preceded by collecting data archives/files contained in the Citeras Village Village.... see more

Pags. 101 - 108  

Nadine Swastika, Winda Hasuki, Sava Savero, Putri Satya, Arli Aditya Parikesit

In order to function properly the human body requires adequate hydration due to 70% of the human body being built up by water with lots of chemical reactions involved in order to work optimally throughout the day. This paper presents an idea to make a wat... see more

Pags. 109 - 118  

Pateh Ulum, Desti Fitriati

Scheduling courses is a routine job in academic activities at a college. In its implementation, the scheduling process is not easy to do because many factors need to be considered, several factors that are considered, such as the willingness of lecturers ... see more

Pags. 119 - 126  

Muhammad Kurnia Sandi, Anggunmeka Luhur Prasasti, Marisa W. Paryasto

In this day and age, information about something is so important. The level of trust of modern society depends on the testing of information. Tested and accurate information will have a good impact on the community. One of the important but often missed i... see more

Pags. 127 - 136  

Joosten Joosten

Good software can be used if there is proper testing. The testing phase is quite important because the software needs to be tested before it is used by end users. In making software for animal hospitals there is no validation and verification so testing i... see more

Pags. 137 - 144  

Desti Fitriati, Nira Ravika Pasha, Bambang Hariyanto, Amir Murtako, Sri Rezeki Candra Nursari

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2018, it was written that the number of motorbikes for the Indonesian region was 120.10 million or 82% and for cars 26.75 million or around 18% of the total population. With the increasing population of ... see more

Pags. 145 - 152  

Nurul Rahmadani, Risnawati Risnawati

 A used car is a car that has been used by other people. Choosing a used car according to the needs of the buyer is very much a consideration. Used car buyers, of course, make their choices based on several criteria. The criteria for choosing a used ... see more

Pags. 153 - 158  

Agung Arya Adi Nugraha, Desti Fitriati

At this time, many gases are at risk in the surrounding area, especially in industrial areas, such as radiological materials and toxic gases that can contaminate the surrounding area as well as the occurrence of gas leaks. From the problem-created gas det... see more

Pags. 159 - 166  

Diovianto Putra Rakhmadani, Faisal Dharma Adhinata

Online learning is widely used by every educational institution during the Covid-19 pandemic. Without face-to-face meetings, lecturers are required to present quality learning with feedback from students. The problem that arises is that EDOM is considered... see more

Pags. 167 - 174  

Syahriani Syahriani, Basuki Basuki, Luthfi Indriyani

Inventory management is the most important activity, because if the inventory in the warehouse is not managed properly, it will allow a decrease in profits and loss of customers. PT Andalan Teknik Karetindo Putra Bangsa has weaknesses in its inventory man... see more

Pags. 175 - 180  

Evina Widianawati, Faik Agiwahyuanto

Sistem pendaftaran online di Puskesmas Semarang sudah mulai diterapkan di tahun 2018, namun pengguna pendaftaran online masih sedikit. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk membandingkan keefektifan pendaftaran online dan offline pada waktu tunggu menggunaka... see more

Pags. 181 - 186