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Volume 7 Number 1 Year 2021

8 articles in this issue 

Erika Dolores Ruiz,Julio Fernando Salazar Gómez,María De Jesús Valdivia Rivera,Manuel Hernández Cárdenas,Ibis Rafael Huerta Mora

Nowadays, companies require the use of financial products that support their fluidity to improve their daily operations, that’s why the aim of this article is to explain the usability of financial products in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in... see more

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Jessica Müller,Juan Bernardo Amezcua,Sheyla Müller

Green consumer buying behavior has recently increased. According to Kantar World Panel Mexico in 2012, only 16% of Mexicans carried out some ecological action and, in 2019, 7 of 10 Mexicans are willing to buy ecological products. In order to assess the mo... see more

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Cristobal Fernandez Muñoz,Felisa Arribas Pérez,Cristina Martín Zapata

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and one that best connects emotionally with individuals. For these reasons, large companies are using scent marketing techniques in order to create better and more memorable experiences for consumers while adding v... see more

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Freddy Martin Verastegui Tene,Jorge Alberto Vargas Merino

Merchandising techniques have the purpose of attracting new customers and that they make strategic purchases at the different points of sale, even in the digital world. However, many organizations continue to ask the question: How effective can merchandis... see more

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Nerio Ramón Olivar Urbina

One of the main purposes of marketing is to provide the organization, its products or its brands, with a privileged position not only in the market but also in the minds of their target segment. Nevertheless, there is not a systematic process for achievin... see more

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Sebastián Cristóbal Araya Pizarro,Luperfina Rojas Escobar,Carlos Varas Madrid

The study explores the determining attributes of job happiness in millennial workers generation of the north of Chile (Region of Coquimbo) a workforce marked by the irruption of information and communication technologies. Through the application of a mult... see more

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María Erika Narvaez Ferrin,Maria Angélica Cervantes Muñoz

This article unveils key variables identified by MIC MAC method (Matrix of Crossed Impacts Multiplication Applied to Classification) related to student dropout from the business administration program of the National Open and Distance University-UNAD Univ... see more

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Luciana Gisele Bordinhão Duma,Fernando de Almeida Santos,Gabriela Ajani Venturoso,José Carlos Trindade Filho

This study aims to the creation of an indicator framework for monitoring, general evaluation and control of the operation of the Surgical Center of the Clinical Hospital of the Botucatu Medical School (HCFMB), to optimize time and better use the space ava... see more

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