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Volume 11 Number 1 Part January Year 2019

14 articles in this issue 

Garrett B. Johnson, Brett M. Taylor, William D. Robbins, Erik C. Franklin, Rob Toonen, Brian Bowen and J. Howard Choat

The structure and dynamics of coral reef environments vary across a range of spatial scales, with patterns of associated faunal assemblages often reflecting this variability. However, delineating drivers of biological variability in such complex environme... see more


Neftalí Sillero, Katja Poboljšaj, Aleksandra Lešnik and Ali Šalamun

Roads exert multiple effects on wildlife, from animal mortality, habitat and population fragmentation, to modification of animal reproductive behaviour. Amphibians are the most frequently road-killed animal group. Many studies have attempted to analyse th... see more


John P. Whiteman, Emma A. Elliott Smith, Alexi C. Besser and Seth D. Newsome

The measurement of stable isotopes in ‘bulk’ animal and plant tissues (e.g., muscle or leaf) has become an important tool for studies of functional diversity from organismal to continental scales. In consumers, isotope values reflect their die... see more


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Chiara Manfrin, Catherine Souty-Grosset, Pedro M. Anastácio, Julian Reynolds and Piero G. Giulianini

Invasive alien species are widespread in freshwater systems compared to terrestrial ecosystems. Among crustaceans, crayfish in particular have been widely introduced and are considered a major threat to freshwater ecosystem functioning. New emerging techn... see more


Dave J. Clarke, Ajay Limaye, Duane D. McKenna and Rolf G. Oberprieler

Only a few weevils have been described from Burmese amber, and although most have been misclassified, they show unusual and specialised characters unknown in extant weevils. In this paper, we present the results of a study of a much larger and more divers... see more