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Volume ume38 Number 2, Year 2022

25 articles in this issue 

Wanjat Kastolani,Upi Supriatna

Abstract. Pangandaran is one of the tourist destinations in West Java province. Therefore the development of the industry must pay attention to the environment for Pangandaran tourism to be sustainable. This study aims to analyze the influence of loc... see more


Panca Setyo Prihatin,Indri Cahyani

Empirically, there are still many people in Pekanbaru City who do not know the existence of E-tickets. Therefore, this study was conducted aiming to find out how the implementation of the electronic ticketing program policy in Pekanbaru City. This study u... see more


Cut Zakia Rizki,Putri Bintusy Syathi,Fitriyani Fitriyani

Conditions for vulnerable workers whose living conditions are uncertain have worsened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study investigates the social assistance programs available to these workers and analyzes the beneficiaries and distri... see more


Nadila Natasya,Muhammad Nasir

Abstract. Economic growth is important indicator of economic development. One of incentives to increase economic growth comes from taxes. Taxes are the easiest thing to get and do by the government. This paper aims to examine how tax structure affect... see more


Ahmad Fitra Yuza,Jumiyanti Syafitri

Abstract. Borders are an inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, which must be defended at all costs because they are related to state sovereignty. Border areas often experience various problems, one of which is infrastruc... see more


Ahmad Syifaul Anam,Endang Supriadi,Ali Imron

Abstract. The existence of international students at State Islamic Religious Colleges (PTKIN) is a demand in globalization. Their presence is an essential element in realizing a world-class university. But on the other hand, his presence leaves homework a... see more


Dwi Wulan Pujiriyani

Abstract. This paper discusses the existence of Indonesia as an agrarian country in Southeast Asia amid the threat of deagrarianization that is occurring worldwide. This study applied the Grant approach by combining the results of statistical quantit... see more


Husamah Husamah,Hadi Suwono,Hadi Nur,Agus Dharmawan

Abstract. This study aimed to analyze the implementation of CBE principles in the ecotourism management. This quantitative study investigates the relationship between independent variables and the implementation of CBE principles. This research was c... see more


Wilis Srisayekti,Wulan Azzahra,Stephani Raihana Hamdan

Abstract. This study aimed to describe students’ psychological well-being and its correlation with psychological distance and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 305 students participated in this quantitative study. Their avera... see more


Widyastutik Widyastutik,Iwan Hermawan,Syarifah Amaliah,Yenni Nur’aini,Kurniawan Khristianto

The housing financing policy or the Liquidity Facility of Housing Financing (FLPP) aims to help low-income communities (MBR) access affordable and livable housing. Unfortunately, MBR's housing backlog is still high, affecting their productivity. The housi... see more


Imam Mukti,Shermina Oruh,Andi Agustang

The purpose of this study was to analyze in depth the social behavior of the panrita lopi group. This study uses a qualitative method by analyzing the social behavior of the panrita lopi group and describing social phenomena that exist in the community. T... see more


Budiman Budiman,Etika Khairina,E. Letizia Dyastari,Tengku Imam Syarifuddin,Mochammad Iqbal Fadhlurrohman,Syifa Ayu Khairunisa

One aspect of sustainable development is the transportation sector. The concept of sustainable transportation is being implemented by Yogyakarta as a solution to create a livable city that can enjoy and use transportation comfortably. This paper aims to s... see more


Rahmat Kartolo,Sutikno Sutikno,Rahmadi Ali,Harianto II

This study was done to get a better understanding of the role the tolak bala ritual plays in Malay society nowadays. The tolak bala ritual (warn off misfortune) is a type of cultural treatment to seek protection from misfortune from God. Despite moderniza... see more


Achmad Daengs GS,Enny Istanti

Abstract. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, business competition is intensifying. In commercial rivalry, every business, especially those in the MSME sector, must have a plan. The supporting pillars of the Indonesian economy are MSMEs. This resea... see more


Syardiansah Syardiansah,Nurliza Lubis,Ainul Yusna Harahap

Abstract. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of salary, occupational health and safety on employee job satisfaction, which was moderated by the quality of human resources at PT Sisirau, Aceh Tamiang. The total population of the stud... see more


Lisa Adhrianti,Indah Septirisani,Neneng Cucu Marlina

Abstract. In the era of technological development in Indonesia, Fintech services (Financial technology) are increasingly widespread, one of which is Peer to peer lending or often known as online loans (Pinjol). Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic,... see more


Hidsal Jamil,Candra Fajri Ananda,Ferry Prasetyia

Indonesia's democratic level has grown during the last decade. Unfortunately, economic growth is on the decline at the same time. Based on this phenomenon, this study investigates whether democracy has a causal impact on economic growth. The panel data us... see more


Musafir Pababbari,Kaslam Kaslam,Bariek Ramdhani Pababbari

The UIN campus which has been converted from IAIN has a very great interest in opening a Medical Education Study Program. Currently, of the 24 existing UIN campuses, only 3 campuses already have a Medical Education Study Program. One of them is UIN Alaudd... see more


Nugraha Saefudin

Abstract. Loyalty is considered a deep commitment to repurchase or re-subscribe to the desired product or service in the future resulting in repeated purchases of the same set of brands or brands despite the situational influences and marketing effor... see more


Rossi Adi Nugroho,Binti azizatun Nafi'ah

Abstract. Successful implementation of a program is the goal of program design. However, currently, many programs fail to be implemented due to the failure of efforts to prevent the occurrence of failure factors. Especially in the era of digital gove... see more


Ade Pugara,Nofa Martina Ariani,Annisa Qurota A’yun

Community-based tourism is a tourism development approach with a high level of local community involvement and can be accounted for by social and environmental aspects (Hayati, 2014). Umbul Ponggok is the Community Based Tourism in Klaten Regency and reac... see more


Dwi Putranto Riau,Ridho Harta,Bambang Agus Diana

Abstract. This study aims to solve  the Building Management Information System service problem by the Guard Bureaucrats in issuing Building Permits and Building operability Certificates, which emphasize digital and integrated services with OSS. ... see more


Yuhanis Ladewi,Welly Welly,Fenty Astrina,Nunung Nurhayati,Rini Lestari

This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of factors that affect audit quality. This research was conducted because there are problems / phenomena related to factors that can affect audit quality. The population in this study were auditors in... see more


Imam Indratno,Atie Rachmiatie,Ferra Martian,Nurrhisma Yuniar,Vermanda Maharani Sonya,Yayu Hizza Anisa

The purpose of this study is to identify the potential of sustainability and inclusive components in the development of halal tourism in Alamendah Village. This research focuses on the description of sustainability and inclusiveness based on the criteria ... see more


Pupung Purnamasari

The research aims to get empirical evidence on how to handle corruption. Indonesia became the most corrupt country in Asia with a score of 9.07 out of 10. This research is vital because fraud in the government sector (corruption), has occurred systematica... see more