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Volume 22 Number 1 Year 2020

8 articles in this issue 

Yosi Agustina Hidayat,Veterina Nosadila Riaventin,Okky Jayadi

The development of the inventory model started when Harris introduced the classic inventory model. It was firstly published by Wilson using the optimization method. He derived a mathematical equation model to obtain economic order quantities. Later, this ... see more

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Irene Karijadi,Ig. Jaka Mulyana

Improving accuracy of wind power prediction is important to maintain power system stability. However, wind power prediction is difficult due to randomness and high volatility characteristics. This study applies a hybrid algorithm that combines ensemble em... see more

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Dewi Pertiwi,Widjojo Suprapto,Eric Pratama

Although the government of Indonesia is building the cashless society, the number of e-wallet users are increasing slowly. E-wallet is becoming a common instru­ment of payments from the paper-based instruments to server-based electronic money. The aim of ... see more

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Markus Hartono,Antonius Johanes Tjahjoanggoro,Marselius Sampe Tondok,Indri Hapsari

A study on the intervention of human factors engineering (known as ergonomics) on sustainable living based on biopsychological needs was conducted, taking samples of small housing inhabitants. In total, 90 participants were involved. Those who were living... see more

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Siana Halim,Felecia Felecia,Tanti Octavia

Dengue fever happening most in tropical countries and considered as the fastest spreading mosquito-borne disease which is endemic and estimated to have 96 million cases annually. It is transmitted by Aedes mosquito which infected with a dengue virus. Ther... see more

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Ratna Purwaningsih,Christoper Frans Simanjuntak,Zainal Fanani Rosyada

This study aims to measure the environmental costs (eco-cost) and the eco-efficiency ratio rate (EER) of the production of pencils and formulate some recommendations to improve the manufacture sustainability. The measurement of Eco-efficiency was performe... see more

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Phengky Pangestu,Azizah Hadny Qurrota Ayun,Rizca Tri Wulandari,Ekty Nabilah,Eko Pujiyanto

Our dependency towards wood has reduced the number of forests especially in Indonesia. Hence, many people tried to use another material as a replacement of wood. One of them is composite. Department of Industrial Engineering Universitas Sebelas Maret has ... see more

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Rianita Puspa Sari,Deri Teguh Santoso

This study aims to explore the readiness of SMEs Karawang in terms of Technology, Organization, Environment (TOE) Framework and technological readiness (TRI) for benefits of industry 4.0 (BOI) in the dimension of industry 4.0 (DOI), viewed from different ... see more

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