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Volume 21No1 Number Dinamika Ilmu Vol 21 No 1, June 2021 Year 2021

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In the study of Islamic education, the scientific and medical contributions of Muslims globally are incongruously positioned. In most cases, Islamic education is completely divorced from its conventional scientific research and experimentation known and a... see more

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The world we live today has undergone a dramatic change in values, science and technology. In a world so divided with contending ideologies and worldviews, humanity as a whole has derailed from its philosophy of co-existence, tolerance and mutual respect ... see more

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The purpose of this research is to develop a scale to determine the perceptions of teachers working in secondary schools related to school safety. Alongside the social actors, the elements involved in achieving the goals of educational activities are impo... see more

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Communal conflicts between ethnic groups in West Kalimantan still leave a post-conflict residue which is problematic to this day. For example, in Sambas, although at present it can be said that the relationship between ethnic Sambas Melayu and Madurese ou... see more

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The function of Ikatan Guru Raudhatul Athfal, or what so-called by IGRA is ideally as a forum for professional development of educators and educational members of Early Childhood Education or ECE institutions. This research is aimed to figure out challeng... see more

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The multidimensional crisis that encourages the importance of developing a spiritual education model based on ethnopedagogy is the background of this research. The goal is to find the content of Islamic spiritual education in the tradition of bapalas bida... see more

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The pros and cons of the full-day school system in Indonesia have occurred for a long time. However, the pesantren (boarding school), which uses more than a full day school system, is in fact more and more attractive to parents because it can educate thei... see more

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This study aims to determine favouritism behaviors of school administrators according to public secondary school teachers’ perceptions in terms of some variables. The sample of the study consisted of 22 schools selected randomly from the population and 37... see more

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Cheating and plagiarism have been crucial issues among students studying either at high school or undergraduate levels. This present study aims to reveal the cheating and plagiarism practices among pre-service teachers in their undergraduate program at on... see more

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The present paper addresses the attitudes of Saudi students toward using English dictionaries at Albaha University. A sample of 64 English majors in the College of Science and Arts in Almandaq took part in this study. A descriptive quantitative approach w... see more

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The aim of this research is to describe instructional leadership as one of the leadership styles in the context of Madrasah Aliyah teaching and learning, typically at MAN 1 Samarinda, East Kalimantan. In-depth interviews with the school principal and repr... see more

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This research aims to determine the techniques for effective management of organizational rumor and gossip in schools. Rumors are informal conversations circulating among the employees of the organization towards an event. Gossips are informal evaluative ... see more

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This study aims to develop critical reading skills material based on conversations in the Koran for Arabic Language Students at IAIN Samarinda. The research method used is the research and development of the Balitho and Jolly models with the following sta... see more

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Most of the Arabic language teaching institutions face difficulties in getting students to speak Arabic with them. However, there is an institution that is classified as successful in teaching speaking skills to its students. This study aims to describe t... see more

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