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Volume 7 Number 1 Year 2018

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Shireen Assaf,Lindsay Mallick

Aims: To examine the association between alcohol consumption at last sex and unsafe sex in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa.Design: Multivariable logistic regression of unsafe sex was performed using cross-sectional data with a stratified sample desi... see more

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Julie M Croff,William DeJong

Objective: Past epidemiological studies have revealed that 18- to 25-year-olds have the highest rate of Salvia divinorum (salvia) use. This study examines predictors of salvia use among a large national sample of incoming first-year college students atten... see more

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Radu Grovu,Jürgen Rehm

Aims: This study aims to model the risk relationships between alcohol consumption and hypertension, as alcohol is likely an important modifiable risk factor in treating hypertension and an important lifestyle variable to be taken into consideration by pol... see more

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Birgitte Thylstrup,Kim Bloomfield,Abdu K Seid

Background: The current level of alcohol consumption has placed Nigeria and Uganda in the group of high consumption countries, however little is known about how people with problematic alcohol use and related problems utilize treatment services. Aims: Thi... see more

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