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Number 58 Year 2019

10 articles in this issue 

Pablo Sarricolea

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Daniela Manuschevich

Within the context of the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP25), the Chilean government is considering the forestry sector as one of the major carbon sinks, which would allow a reduction of the carbon intensity of the economy. The policy pro... see more

Pags. 104 - 118  

Javiera Herrera Perez, Alexis Segovia

The glaciers protection law project’s has aroused great political, business, social and scientific interest and has constituted a socio-environmental conflict that goes beyond a specific territory and that has allowed in the expression to the arguments in... see more

Pags. 119 - 135  

Mario González Pérez, Mauricio Camarena González, Esmeralda Brito Cervantes

Urban systems are structured through a complex induced network of communication channels. These access roads generally have obstructions and collapses depending on the saturation of the mode used in the transport of living matter and energy. In addition, ... see more

Pags. 21 - 33  

Alejandra Lazo, Hernán Riquelme Brevis

The present article analyzes the commuting experiences of inhabitants from the communes of La Unión and Río Bueno in the south of Chile, who use different means of transportations to develop their respective daily activities. By using mobile methods, it w... see more

Pags. 34 - 50  

Yasna Contreras

Historically, the territories have been configured from the arrival of subjects and families of different origins whose traditional causes of mobility are associated with the search for employment and / or better life expectations, contemplating migratory... see more

Pags. 4 - 20  

Alejandra Rasse, María José Martínez Leiva

The higher education provision in Chile ´s Metropolitan Region is located almost entirely (99,9%) in the thirty- four municipalities that form the compact city. Within this supply, almost 70% is located in 4 municipalities, which are in the east part of t... see more

Pags. 51 - 68  

Pablo Vega Centeno, Marta Vilela

The debate on how to define when a city is intermediate stands still in force; while many studies explore the intermediation role of these cities in urban systems, the most widespread criterion for defining them is still their demographic size. This artic... see more

Pags. 69 - 88  

Carlos Valdebenito

The city of Viña del Mar, from its origins to the present day, has been subject to significant population migratory movements, both in terms of its volume and its sociodemographic profile. This article describes, analyzes and interprets the footprint of t... see more

Pags. 89 - 103