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Volume 2 Number 1 Year 2015

8 articles in this issue 

Ani Murwani Muhar,Teguh Setiawan

This study was motivated by the presence of non-financial aspects such as morality, religious, and the forms of social capital that can be applied as the important things in the increased competitiveness within the MSE. Increased competitiveness and encou... see more

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Rahmah Yulianti

The objective of this study is to examine the influence the decision to select product Islamic bank, they were because, religious motivation, and service quality. The data were collected by questionnaire as the instrument. The questionnaires were distribu... see more

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Karsam Karsam

There is a budgetary slack in the budget formulation ofthe Educational Foundation and Cooperative in Banten Province. This situation is because of the assesment standard of managerial performance that is based on the achievement of budget targets, where t... see more

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Laila Martasari,Sepky Mardian

Recently, the Islamic banking grew up significantly. In Barabai, many the Islamic banks has been established and operated. The study focused on the perception of Islamic society toward the sharia compliance practices in Barabai district. The objective is ... see more

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Prsojo Prasojo

This study examine the effect the implementation of good corporate governance (GCG) to financial performance of Islamic Bank. GCG is measured using a questionnaire with a sample of employee respondents of Islamic Banks. While financial performance is easu... see more

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Raida Fuadi,Ainul Julia Satini

The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of investment opportunity set, total asset turn over, and earning per share on cash dividend at manufacturing company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) during 2009 until 2013. The method us... see more

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Bustamam Bustamam,Ridwan Ibrahim,Dedy Saputra

The objective of this research is to analyze the application Sharia financial statement at Baitul Mal Aceh. This research is qualitative research with descriptive analysis method that aims to provide an overview of research state of the object based on ex... see more

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Rahmawaty Rahmawaty,Tiffany Andari Yudina

This research is aimed to examine, both simultaneously and partially, the influence of ROA and FDR on the rate of profit sharing of mudharabah deposits on Islamic Banks that were listed at the Bank of Indonesia from the year of 2008 until 2012. There were... see more

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