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Volume 6 Number 1 Year 2022

15 articles in this issue 

Jabbar Kala Lanang,Ahmad Taqwa,Mohammad fadhli

A water channel is a building made for the process of draining water. The water channel will drain water from a high place to a lower place. Waterways are commonly used to drain rainwater, irrigate rice fields and household wastewater. The problem that of... see more

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Elmerillia Elmerillia,Lindawati Lindawati,Irma Salamah

Laboratories/workshops are the main infrastructure facilities needed for vocational education. State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya is one of the vocational universities that has laboratory/workshop facilities in every existing study program. Each lab... see more

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Indah Putri Lestari,Suroso Suroso,Irma Salamah

Covid-19 can spread from individual to individual through droplets of infected individuals. Fever is an early symptom in infected individuals characterized by a rise in body temperature above 37oC. Not a few individuals do not comply with health protocols... see more

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Sherly Saprilita Musyuniarsih,Lindawati Lindawati,Sarjana Sarjana

Clean and fresh air is essential for the survival of every living creature. However, getting some fresh air is very difficult. Some of the factors that cause difficulty in obtaining healthy and fresh air are due to increasing air pollution. Therefore, a s... see more

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Dwi Indra Saputra,Emilia Hesti,Sopia Soim

MIMO sectoral antennas are antennas that are often used and installed in BTS towers owned by cellular operators. The sektral antenna is useful for GSM, GPRS, and LTE communications. The gain generated by sectoral antennas is quite large compared to other ... see more

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Herlinah Baharuddin

Today's business cannot be separated from technology, today's shops without technology cannot properly monitor the productivity of their companies. The Citra Warna Paint shop still uses a conventional system, which still uses paper as a medium for recordi... see more

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Rahmat Abdul Karim,Sandi Rais,Bambang Tjiroso

This research aims to create a polycrystalline type solar panel design with a capacity of 100 Wp which is portable (foldable and easy to carry everywhere) and can rotate following the direction of the sun. Solar panels designed are made of Hollow Cm Iron,... see more

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IIF Miftahuddin,Masykur Masykur,Mansyur Mansyur

This research aims to analyze the Online Learning Process During the Covid-19 Pandemic at SDN Curug V class V A. This research belongs to the type of phenomenology research, which describes all forms of actions and also phenomena carried out by the subjec... see more

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Irawati Ramli,Nurhikmah wahab

Hydrogen is an alternative energy source that can be produced from renewable energy sources, such as biomass and is known as biohydrogen. In addition to abundant producing sources, biohydrogen is also environmentally friendly. But this biohydrogen industr... see more

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Radiansyah Radiansyah,Alfina Nur Islami

The problem of this research is the low learning outcomes of learners in the IPA content of force and motion materials. The author uses the CAI model as a solution to overcome the problems that occur. This research aims to describe educator activities, st... see more

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Moh Taufik Firdaus,Sutarjo Sutarjo

This research departs from the strategy that teachers use in carrying out learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely distance learning (PJJ) so that it can run effectively, efficiently, and optimally and can take place properly. This research aims at P... see more

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Rosmiati Rosmiati,Ruhamah Ruhamah

The research entitled "The Influence of Digital Electronic Book PocketBook Learning Media on Student Learning Interests" aims to develop and find out the influence of Learning media in the form of Digital Electronic Course PocketBooks used in the learning... see more

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Syafriadi Syafriadi,Wisnu Kurniadi,Muhammad Ilyas

This research aims to implement a digital archive management system in the admission unit of new students of cokroaminoto palopo University which is expected to be one of the solutions in an effort to emphasize the obstacles faced in archive management th... see more

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Muhammad Basith Ayyasy Suhenda,Iwan Nugraha Gusniar,Iman Dirja

In designing an electric car, of course, it requires a frame that works as a support for all the loads that are on it, for a frame construction itself it must have strength, light weight and have a good flexibility value. This frame structure test aims to... see more

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Tamus Bin Tahir,Muhammad Rais,Irwan Syarif,Mochammad Apriyadi Hadi Sirad

This research aims to design and create applications that can monitor drug data, namely incoming drug data, outgoing drugs, drug stocks and report making. The research method used is R&D because researchers want to produce products and test the effect... see more

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