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Volume 5 Number 2 Year 2019

34 articles in this issue 

Iryna Azhaman,Nataliya Petryshchenko

The research purpose is to formulate proposals for investment development in the construction of industrial and civilian objects in the countryside of Ukraine, taking into account the experience of rural area development in the EU. Theoretical and methodo... see more

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Olena Bondarenko,Oksana Kichuk,Andrii Antonov

The international experience of various countries of the world in the implementation, usage, and economic and legal status of cryptocurrency is compared in this research. The advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency at the present stage of eco... see more

Pags. 10 - 17  

Nataliia Havlovska,Yevhenii Rudnichenko,Ihor Lisovskyi

The article objective is identifying the main transformational processes affecting the economic security of investment activities of industrial enterprises, which are the guarantee to their long-term development and the formation of a program for the tran... see more

Pags. 18 - 23  

Igor Guzhva,Petro Nebotov,Yevhen Ivanov

The purpose of the article is to define and argue the key criteria and directions of foreign trade policy, which become crucial in conditions of country’s integration into global value chains, as well as to reveal the impact of major regulatory barriers t... see more

Pags. 24 - 29  

Tetiana Drakokhrust,Iryna Prodan,Uliana Tkach

Transformational processes in the global economy are due to strengthening the integration of national economies, increasing transnationalization, deepening internationalization of production and exchange, are accompanied by the activation of migration cha... see more

Pags. 30 - 37  

Oksana Zhylinska,Maksym Sitnicki,Alona Vikulova

The purpose of the paper. This paper outlines a comprehensive study of the essence and the essential synthesis elements of a Research University’s innovation capacity. The following tasks were set as the article’s objectives: 1) to analyse the development... see more

Pags. 38 - 44  

Nataliia Zachosova

Ukraine’s integration into the European economic space requires the conformity of many segments of the domestic economic system to the standards, norms and traditions of the EU. The financial market and its participants form the financial basis for econom... see more

Pags. 45 - 56  

Inna Irtyshcheva,Maryna Ponomarova,Iryna Dolzhykova

The paper highlights the system of food security of the state. The purpose of the article is to study food security of Ukraine and identify preconditions for forming the system of its provision. The subject-matter of the study is the theoretical and pract... see more

Pags. 57 - 64  

Viktoriia Kachuriner,Malvina Hrushko

The state of development of the leading countries of the world proves that its main factors are innovative high technologies, new equipment, a new organization of labour and production, a new motivation for entrepreneurship. They ensure the economic stabi... see more

Pags. 65 - 72  

Sergey Kivalov,Olha Kibik

The purpose of the article is the research of economic-legal and organizational principles of problem solution of economic agents’ functioning and implementation of activities within the system of anti-crisis measures in order to ensure the effective func... see more

Pags. 73 - 79  

Oleg Kuklin,Mykhailo Kryvoruchko

Relevance. The problem of interregional convergence within EU-countries has been of great interest among scholars. Such an interest is explained by the fact that joining the European Union may cause deepening interregional disparities among EU-members. As... see more

Pags. 80 - 85  

Valentyna Kutsyk,Leonid Ostapenko,Denys Pudryk

The right of a person to engage in economic activity on the principles of free competition, in accordance with legal requirements, is a guarantee of the prosperity of a socially oriented country. Since basic taxes and payments, which are used to set budge... see more

Pags. 86 - 89  

Yuliia Lazarenko

In modern business reality, given a tendency towards digitalization of the economy, expanding network cooperation and the increasing role of knowledge and technology transfer, the principles of interaction between actors of innovation process are changing... see more

Pags. 90 - 95  

Pavlo Latkovskyi,Anna Marushchak

Three countries: Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine have concluded European Union Association Agreements, under similar terms and conditions of European Partnership. Analytical review allowed determining that in their political integrative development, they ha... see more

Pags. 96 - 103  

Anatolii Lomonosov,Oksana Lomonosova,Iryna Nadtochii

When considering the problems of the educational services market formation and functioning in higher education, most authors attribute the emergence of this market to fundamental political and economic changes in Ukraine in the early 1990s and its transit... see more

Pags. 104 - 116  

Anatolii Mazur,Oksana Kubai

The purpose of this study is to identify and describe the trans-boundary economic interactions and crossborder development of the regions in various organizational forms of cooperation as a direction of globalization of the regional economic systems. Stud... see more

Pags. 117 - 123  

Valentyna Martynenko

The purpose of the article is to study the background and key factors that ensured an increase in the ranking of the Ukrainian tax system favourableness from the 174th position to the 43-d position during 2005–2016 – the greatest progress in the whole his... see more

Pags. 124 - 130  

Olena Melikh,Konstantin Bogatyrev,Inna Irtyshcheva

The article highlights approaches to the development of health-improving tourism. The purpose of the article is to investigate medical and health tourism in Ukraine and to identify the preconditions for forming measures for further development. The subjec... see more

Pags. 131 - 136  

Natalia Mushynska,Marianna Kniazian

The transformation in the system of business relations in modern times has led to the formation of the economy based on knowledge. Relevant processes place qualitatively new demands to the managerial staff in this system and, consequently, to the technolo... see more

Pags. 137 - 143  

Alla Opalenko,Oksana Rudenko

The relevance of the study of business process management at manufacturing enterprises is determined by the presence of uncertainty and the existence of risks, in particular, structural risks. The timeliness and value of the abovementioned problem are als... see more

Pags. 144 - 152  

Olena Parubets,Olena Boiko,Dmytro Suhoniako

Crisis phenomena in Ukraine have led to the reduction in volumes of state financial and credit and investment support for the development of subjects of small and medium-sized business (SMB) and, as a consequence, the reduction of their export potential. ... see more

Pags. 153 - 157  

Lesya Petkova,?ichael Ryabokon,Yuriy Vdovychenko

Information and communication theories became a major driver of the economic development of countries in a global world. Information component plays a key role in the building of competitive potential of countries and the development of international rela... see more

Pags. 158 - 170  

Tetiana Plakhtii,Lidiia Fedoryshyna,Olena Tomchuk

The purpose of the article is to study the socio-economic component of the preferential taxation of individuals. It is shown that the Tax Social Benefit is the ability of the taxpayer to reduce the calculated total monthly taxable income in the form of wa... see more

Pags. 171 - 175  

Nataliia Pravdiuk,Vitalii Pokynchereda,Maryna Pravdiuk

At the present stage of social development, there is a transformation of the persistent views on the place and human role in the economic system. Human capital assets as a set of productive abilities, personal traits, and employee motivation developed as ... see more

Pags. 176 - 183  

Natalia Radionova,Margaryta Skrypnyk,Tayisiya Voronkova

The research subject is the cost management system of an industrial enterprise. The purpose of the article is the theoretical substantiation of the methodical aspects of the cost management system as a part of the industrial enterprise management system. ... see more

Pags. 184 - 190  

Diana Raiko,Viktoriia Cherepanova

The modern development of an enterprise is possible only on the basis of marketing since the enterprise is effective only in case of its usefulness for consumers, the relation with which is one of the main marketing functions, i.e., marketing is a philoso... see more

Pags. 191 - 205  

Svitlana Sliusar

The paper’s purpose is to provide recommendations for carrying out theoretical bases of existence, the analysis of the current state and the prospects of development of business in Ukraine. Methodology. During the writing of the article, the following res... see more

Pags. 206 - 213  

Svetlana Tereschenko,Elena Diachenko

Research subject. This report examines the current situation in poultry egg sector development in countries of Eastern Europe, features and challenges for Ukrainian eggs sector. The aim of the work is to summarize theoretical and practical aspects of impr... see more

Pags. 214 - 220  

Olena Tymoshenko,?lena Trokhymets

The purpose of the article. The article covers the mechanisms of behavioural economics introducing into the state policy of the country. This problem becomes especially relevant in modern conditions as people tend to make unreasonable economic decisions. ... see more

Pags. 221 - 225  

Anatoliy Tkach,Viktoriia Kolomiiets,Maryna Radieva

Institutional transformations in economies of countries are considered as the basis of their civilizational development. The concept was put forward that in order to ensure transformations in the economy, it is necessary to promote the formation of a spec... see more

Pags. 226 - 233  

Olga Tkachuk,Valentyna Khachatryan

This article determines that in today’s conditions of doing business, the increase of profits is one of the main reasons for the emergence of social challenges, such as social insecurity, low level of solvency of most people, lack of high moral values. To... see more

Pags. 234 - 241  

Oleksandr Khrystov,Vladyslav Lipynskyi

The article is devoted to the economic and legal comparative analysis of judicial expert activities. The issues concerning the problems of quality assurance of the expert activities, harmonization and convergence of the understanding of the possibilities ... see more

Pags. 242 - 248  

Oleksandr Shpykuliak,Ilona Bilokinna

The essence of energy cooperatives and their value in a power system of the country is investigated in this article. The aim of this article is to investigate the role of “green” cooperatives in the institutional mechanism of alternative energy developmen... see more

Pags. 249 - 255  

Helga Kristjánsdóttir

This paper looks at the correlation between aid inflow and foreign direct investment inflow to the heavily indebted poor countries Malawi, Mozambique and Ghana, classified as developing countries. Data covers World Bank measures for aid and foreign direct... see more

Pags. 256 - 261