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Volume 10 Number 1 Year 2021

10 articles in this issue 

Mohammad Abd Alhafeez Ali Ta’amneh

This study investigated students’ perspectives about the use of smartphones in learning English language skills. It discussed the benefits and difficulties of using smartphones in the process of learning. The sample consisted of one hundred and fifty-one ... see more

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S Bharadwaj

In the last dramatic art song “Over Sir John’s Hill,” Dylan Thomas reiterates that the motif of his art songs has been the Yeatsian introspective process of individuation and integration, transfiguration and transformation, the mortal vision of Grecian al... see more

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Xueke Yin

Inspired by the previous recast literature, this paper aims to investigate whether more explicit recasts are more effective than implicit recasts in second language grammar teaching and learning. Four empirical studies (two classroom-based and two laborat... see more

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Khaled Al-Badayneh

This research paper examines the rhythmic composition of a long poem written by the Abbasids poet (Abi_ Ya,qub Al- Khuraymi) in which he laments over the city of Baghdad after the destruction and devastation that have befallen it, as a result of the confl... see more

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Zainab Sa’aida

This study aims at providing an autosegmental account of feature spread in assimilatory situations in Jordanian rural Arabic. I hypothesise that in any assimilatory situation in Jordanian rural Arabic the undergoer assimilates a whole or a portion of the ... see more

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Mohamed Jabraddar Mahil Abd Allah

This study has attempted to examine the value of night in English poetry of the Romantic period (1757–1822). It has aimed to establish how the writers of English poetry of the Romantic period highlight the value of night and images of nature involved in c... see more

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Jose Belda-Medina

Although there is a rich body of literature about the implementation of ICTs in foreign language learning, none has investigated the technological attitudes and digital skills of pre-service teachers thanks to the adoption of a Project-Based Learning (PBL... see more

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Azeez Jasim Mohammed

In this paper, the assertion of cross-culture in the American literature is studied and put for discussion. Aside from the inspiration of the American writers of the Arabian Nights, the inspiration of the Arabian Culture is inspired as well. O. Henry is g... see more

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Baker Bani-Khair,Omar Abdullah Alanbar,Mohamad Hilmi Al Ahmad

Maternity is the primary obsession that haunts Cecile’s character in Willa Cather’s Shadows on the Rock (1931). Unable to decide what to go for, Cecile finds it impossible to leave without having Jacques, a person whom she has been taking care of and comp... see more

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Bartholomew Ayeni

The research aims at investigating inclusion strategies in Nigeria business places by taking a look at the way buyers and sellers use language while engaging in business transactions and the effect it has in the whole dealings. This is especially as they ... see more

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