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Volume 30 Number 4 Year 2091

17 articles in this issue 

Iryna D. Malytska

Popularity of virtual communities which exist and constantly develop in Internet caused a creation of educational virtual communities. Their possibilities are successfully used in the systems of education of foreign countries, including the educational pr... see more


Valeriy Yu. Bykov

In the article the deep analysis of broad areas of research of the current stage of information society technologies in education is provided. From the standpoint of systems approach a causal chain that describes and details the common problem – the lack ... see more


Serhiy S. Danylyuk

The topicality of the article is in studying pedagogical basics of formation of future philologists’ professional competence by means of Internet technologies, which takes place during the process of computerization of education, and which is accompanied ... see more


Iryna O. Kovpak

Based on a generalized model of interdisciplinary learning technologies appropriate interpretation of methodical system is realized, the stages of building the graph of components connections are characterized. It is shown that the organization of the tra... see more


Kateryna I. Slovak

The actuality of material stated in the article is caused by the necessity to develop and implement high-tech information and communication, educational and scientific environment to the leaning process. One of the examples of such web-based environment f... see more


Myloslava M. Chernii

Relevance of the article is to study the impact of social networks on the learning of pupils and students, which is characterized by the interpenetration of teaching and communication aspects of the life of pupils and students. In recent years the volume ... see more


Oleksandra M. Kosminska, Olena G. Lytvak

It is proposed the new technique of teaching of database for students of economics and management specialties. Students are imitating of building of own enterprise information base, on which example further step-by-step developments are carried out. Diffi... see more


Olga M. Naumenko

The question of application of the internet-oriented pedagogical technologies is examined at the study of chemistry at high school. The novelty of the indicated technologies stipulates a requirement in forming of integral scientific methodology of applica... see more


Valeriy M. Rakuta

The article is dedicated to the problems concerning the development and introduction of independent program products into the teaching process in secondary schools of Ukraine. One of such programs is GeoGebra dynamic Mathematics system.The functional oppo... see more


Oleksandra M. Sokolyuk, Yuriy O. Zhuk

The article discloses the peculiarities of «Internet-oriented pedagogic technologies» idea creation and their use in pedagogic environment based on psychological-pedagogic literature analysis. It is shown the actuality to make clear new definitions that t... see more


Zhanna M. Gavrylyuk

Relevance of material, presented in the article, due to the lead of using ICT on the lessons of History to achieve a deeper understanding of educational cultural material, pattern perception, strengthening the emotional ... see more


Victoria V. Loboda

Actuality of the material presented in the paper is conditioned by the intensity and the depth of informatization of all social institutes. The paper discusses the problem of informatization of education, implementation of computer technologies in educati... see more


Victor V. Parzhnytsky

The article is devoted to analysis of the Internet services that can be reasonably used during the lessons for theoretical and industrial training at vocational education institutions. The services include electronic libraries, professional forums, occupa... see more


Dmytro A. Pokryshen

In the article there are considered: examples of developed information systems for education such as "electronic Dean» (Free Dean's Office) for LMS Moodle, «Students TSIPPO"; defined psychological aspects of the user when working with ISO, scientific and ... see more


Larysa H. Petrova, Serhiy O. Petrov, Andriy V. Konoplenko

In the article it is carried out an analysis and improvement of conceptual-thesis model, by expanding the set of basic elements, that used in automated generation test questions of open and closed types, which are used for measuring level of educational a... see more


Oleksandr O. Petkov

The model of the computerized control of a mastering level of terminological system of a training course is considered in the article. Results of the pedagogical experiment leading with attraction of the fourth year training students, the scientific and t... see more


Tetyana V. Kuznetsova

The functional subsystem of the Internet portal “National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Planning of scientific researches” is described in the article. Analysis and classification of documents of scientific researches planning are carried ou... see more