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Number 1-3 Year 2014

11 articles in this issue 

Tamara Merkulova,Artem Yantsevich

The paper is aimed to discussing features of a relationship between income inequality and entropy.The analyses is based on the theoretical thesis that income inequality is a factor of  uncertainty and instability in society, chaotic behaviour of soci... see more

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Aleksey Okhten,Artem Madykh,Juliia Mazur

Perspective planning the city's budget, its revenue and expenditure parts, is one of the important activities of local authorities that are stated in the Budget Code of Ukraine. High-quality execution of this important function requires using modern scien... see more

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Igor Lyashenko,Yuriy Tadeev

The new conception for constructing economic growth models is proposed in the article. Three main factors are taking into account: physical capital, labor, and intellectual capital (knowledge).  In this case, intellectual capital is represented in th... see more

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Oleksandr Diachuk,Roman Podolets,Maksim Chepeliev

This article presents the results of the contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches to the energy systems’ modelling investigation. It is proved that adequate consideration of the economy-wide effects through single class of models is not alwa... see more

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Tatiana Shatalova,Vladimir Timokhin,Valeriya Serbina

 The article is dedicated to justification of the expediency of intellectual capital using as a tool for ensuring the financial security of an enterprise.The analysis of contemporary problems of mining and metallurgical complex has been accomplished,... see more

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Lyudmila Potrashkova

Research PurposeIn every moment of the present any enterprise builds its future. Therefore the results of current performance of an enterprise must be estimated in the context of creating its capabilities to run a successful business in the future. The ai... see more

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Stanislav Levitskiy,Elena Vdovichenko,Igor Frunze

In the article an actual scientific and practical problem of complex economic systems integration modelling was settled and solved, in which a complex economic and mathematical models of the creation process’ of integrative structures of various shapes, w... see more

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Yuriy Lysenko

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Gennadiy Turovtsev,Denis Mikhaylik

In the article problem of integrated company’s transfer pricing modeling is set, as well as practical recommendations for implementation of results into management system of integrated structure.Models for company’s integrated transfer pricing system, as ... see more

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Evgeniya Shevchenko,Petr Leonov

The article analyzed the actual problem of modeling the borrower's operations in the process of executing the loan agreement to support the necessary indicators of its solvency. A model was proposed that allows adjusting the latter to the optimal value by... see more

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