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Volume 7 Number 1 Year 2019

7 articles in this issue 

Gareth J Johnson

This is editorial for this issue, which discusses problems faced by scholar-led journals and contributor communications, and some of the steps taken to minimise them. It also includes a minor correction to an earlier volume along with highlights of the ar... see more

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Ian Tan

This paper will explore the problematic link between biography and literature as it is self-consciously demonstrated by Stephen’s theory about Shakespeare in the ‘Scylla and Charybdis’ episode of James Joyce’s Ulysses. I argue how Stephen’s construction o... see more

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Victor C Eze, Stellamaris Oluchi Ejiofor

Several Chinese language teaching and learning centres are being established in Nigeria and around the world. There are Chinese government-funded institutions such as the Confucius Institutes in addition to Chinese language courses being taught through un... see more

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Nguyen Huu Tho

The dramatic expansion in the global manufacturing market has created a demand for small and medium enterprise (SME) to apply the advanced manufacturing technology (AMT). The flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is considered as a highly competitive manufa... see more

Pags. 37 - 64  

Mario Pisaturo, Adolfo Senatore, Prof.

Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicles (mild-HEVs) earned market share over the last years an as effective roadmap to limit air pollution in big cities. In addition to this role, hybrid propulsion can be used to avoid dry clutch overheating in mild-HEVs equipped w... see more

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Isabelle Heyerick

This article is a critical reflection on public engagement and the concept of impact in UK research institutions, based on a recent experience. The UK impact agenda, driven by the Research Excellence Framework (REF), requires researchers to engage with th... see more

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Rebekah Vince, Hanna Teichler

Bryan Cheyette is Professor of Modern Literature and Culture at the University of Reading, where he directs the Identities and Minorities research group. His comparative research focuses on critical ‘race’ theory, postcolonial literature and theory, diasp... see more

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