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Volume 1 Number 1 Year 2074

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Leonardo D. Fernández, Carlos Zamora-Manzur

Welcome to the first issue of Biodiversity and Natural History, a peer-reviewed, open-access and electronic journal published by the Centro de Estudios en Biodiversidad de Chile (Center for Studies in Biodiversity). The journal was created in 2009 under t... see more


Diego Ramírez Álvarez

Alsodes tumultuosus Veloso, Iturra & Galleguillos, 1979 is an amphibian species endemic to Chile, described and known just from its type locality: the mountain streams in La Parva zone, Metropolitan region, central Chile. In this manuscript I report a new... see more

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Eduardo I. Faúndez, Máriom A. Carvajal

First record of Taenia saginata from an indigenous from Tierra del Fuego (Chilean Patagonia) is reported, from museum material of the year 1902. The importance of the record is discussed. Illustrations of the specimen are given.

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María del Carmen Coscarón, Fernando Diez, Estela M. Quirán

Apportations to the knowledge of coloration patterns of Sinopla perpunctatus Signoret are given, illustrated and discussed. A new association with a plant from the complex Chusquea culeou E. Desvaux (Poaceae: Bambusoideae), is mentioned and discussed. A r... see more

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Máriom A. Carvajal, Eduardo I. Faúndez

Ditomotarsus hyadesi Signoret, 1885 is revalidated. An historical analysis of the references belonging to this species is provided. Ditomotarsus gayi virens Jensen-Haarup, 1931 is proposed as new junior synonym of Ditomotarsus hyadesi. New data is provide... see more

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M. Celina Godoy, Enrique R. Laffont, Juan M. Coronel

The soldierless Neotropical Apicotermitinae is considered among the less known termite groups and its ecological relevance warrants studies about the biology and diversity of their species. We investigated the presence, distribution and relative abundance... see more

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Annia Rodríguez-San Pedro, Juan Luis Allendes

The American kestrel (Falco sparverius) is a raptor widely distributed in America. Throughout its geographic distribution, the American kestrel feeds on a variety of animal taxa, including bats. In Chile, however, there are no reports of American kestrel ... see more

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Juan Francisco Campodonico

The known distribution of Ilithucia nasuta (Stål, 1859) (Hemiptera: Membracidae) is expanded with specimens from Tarapacá Region, Chile; becoming the first record for the country.

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