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Volume 46 Number 1 Year 2018

11 articles in this issue 

Annisa Nursita AngestiDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.7158.1-10

Perubahan status gizi, pola makan dan gaya hidup pada remaja turut hipertensi remaja. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian cross sectional untuk mengetahui faktor dominan hipertensi pada remaja di SMA Sejahtera 1 Depok tahun 2017. Data yang dikumpulkan mel... see more

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Lusianawaty TanaDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.7265.11-22

Determinants of asthma among productive age workers in Indonesia   *Center for Health Resources and Services Research and Development National Institute of Health Research and Development   Lusianawaty Tana E-mail:   A... see more

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Julianty PradonoDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.7326.23-34

Background: Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the highest prevalence of Non Communicable disease (NCD) in general population. It affects the morbidity, disability, and mortality rate. The factors that are related to CHD can be controlled and the occurrence ... see more

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nungki hapsari suryaningtyas,maya arisanti,Ade Verientic Satriani,nur inzana,santoso santoso,suhardi suhardiDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.7454.35-44

Filariasis elimination program is a national priority with the main agenda conducting mass drug administration (MDA). West Bangka Regency is one of the districts that have implemented filariasis elimination program and has entered a stage stop MDA filaria... see more

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Ilham Akhsanu Ridlo,Rizqy Amelia ZeinDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.4911.45-52

Globally, during the last three decades, mental health has played significant role in regards to the discourse of global health policy. Since two decades ago, WHO has firmly defined health as a rounded state of condition where an individual reaches “…not ... see more

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Ulfatun Nisa,Tyas Friska DewiDOI : 10.22435/bpk.v46i1.7741.61-68

Hipertensi merupakan penyakit yang berperan penting dalam terjadinya penyakit kardiovaskular. Pasien dengan penyakit kardiovaskuler sering menggunakan pengobatan herbal sebagai alternatif maupun komplementer. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efek... see more

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