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Number 9 Year 2017

8 articles in this issue 

Diego P. Fernandes

The aim of this text is to present the evolution of the relation between the concept of number and magnitude in ancient Greek mathematics. We will briefly revise the Pythagorean program and its crisis with the discovery of incommensurable magnitudes. Next... see more

Pags. 7 - 23  

Federica Scherbosky

This work develops different contributions that challenge the epistemological classic notions to dividing fields of knowing in those who are susceptible of being studied and learnt and those who are not, beyond the knowledge considered as such by the Acad... see more

Pags. 25 - 48  

Fred Evans

In an age where diversity is increasingly accepted as a value as well as a fact, ethico-political cosmopolitanism should propose a notion of global unity that is composed of rather than imposed on difference. Jacques Derrida and Walter Mignolo offer diffe... see more

Pags. 49 - 72  

Mohammad Shafiei

In this note I discuss some issues around the law of Identity of Indiscernibles and, above all, its difference with the so-called law of indiscernibilty of identicals. In this way I distinguish between the notions identity, sameness and equality, through ... see more

Pags. 73 - 88  

Víctor Duplancic

This paper proposes a transversal lecture of the Phenomenology of Mind from Hegel by following in the text the idea of death. To show the different figures of the death in the book, the author uses three lecture`s key: a) the death as natural end of the l... see more

Pags. 89 - 102  

Mariela Rubin

All through the literatura, the question about what is a logical constant has recieved many answers, from model-theoretic aproaches (Tarski; 1966), (Sher; 1991), (Bonnay; 2007) to answers that focus in the inferential practice as meaning (Dummett; 1991), ... see more

Pags. 103 - 119  

Adjoua Bernadette Dango

Our article aims to show, on the one hand, the preeminence of the interactive paradigm as a determining element in the process of constitution of logical meaning and, on the other hand, to examine the contents of the linguistic expressions of pragmatic se... see more

Pags. 121 - 142  

Héctor Andrés Rojas

The present article analyzes, from a gender perspective, the spaces inhabited by women. For this reasons, this article focuses on the different female characters that appear in Capitães da Areia (1937) by Jorge Amado, who are represented with decision pow... see more

Pags. 143 - 177