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Volume 12 Number 2 Part January-2 Year 2019

30 articles in this issue 

The efficient and safe extraction of ultra-thick coal seam in the Xinjiang East Junggar Basin has been a major focus in the future of mining in China. This paper systematically studied the overburden strata fracturing process and the structure evolution c... see more


Accurate predictions of wind speed and wind energy are essential in renewable energy planning and management. This study was carried out to test the accuracy of two different neuro fuzzy techniques (neuro fuzzy system with grid partition (NF-GP) and neuro... see more


Medium-frequency (MF) transformer has gained much popularity in power conversion systems. Temperature control is a paramount concern, as the unexpected high temperature declines the safety and life expectancy of transformer. The scrutiny of losses and the... see more


Electric vehicles (EVs) are designed to improve the efficiency of energy and prevent the environment from being polluted, when they are widely and reasonably used in the transport system. However, due to the feature of EV’s batteries, the charging p... see more


Wind and solar PV have become the lowest-cost renewable alternatives and are expected to dominate the power supply matrix in many countries worldwide. However, wind and solar are inherently variable renewable energy sources (vRES) and their characteristic... see more


Owing to the shortcomings of existing series arc fault detection methods, based on a summary of arc volt–ampere characteristics, the change rule of the line current and the relationship between the voltage and current are deeply analyzed and theoret... see more


District heating systems have an important role in increasing the efficiency of the heating and cooling sector, especially when coupled to combined heat and power plants. However, in the transition towards decarbonization, current systems show some challe... see more


The Blade-Element Momentum (BEM) model for Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines (HAWTs), although extremely useful, is known to be approximate due to model formulation insufficiencies, for which add-ons and corrections have been formulated over the past many dec... see more


The significant energy consumed by road transportation and the difficult market penetration of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) has led to a substantial body of research aiming to understand consumer preferences and future demand for AFVs. The individual ... see more


With the substantial increase in the capacity of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) power, the adverse effects of its complex fault characteristics on grid relay protection are increasingly highlighted. Based on the introduction of the topology and the cont... see more


All-vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) are considered promising candidates for large-scale energy storage systems due to their flexible power scale design, high efficiency, deep discharge, long cycle life and environmental friendliness. The performance... see more


An inductive power transfer (IPT) system has lower peak efficiency and significantly lower load-average efficiency over the entire range of output power than typical power conversion systems because it transmits power wirelessly through magnetically coupl... see more


District heating uptake has grown with the increasing need for cleaner and more efficient energy supply. This has resulted in a rising number of new developments signing up to a district heating scheme, typically powered by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) b... see more


In this paper, the basic principle and characteristics of a phase-locked loop (PLL) in a single phase grid-connected system are analyzed, and this paper introduces one type virtual orthogonal voltage vector method based on a third order generalized integr... see more


A novel brushless hybrid excited adjustable speed eddy current coupling is proposed for saving energy in the drive systems of pumps and fans. The topology and operation principle of the coupling are presented. Based on the real flux paths, the fluxes exci... see more


Existing studies of heating products have analyzed the adoption of energy-efficient heating technologies from diverse micro and macroeconomic aspects, such as diffusion of innovation, willingness to pay, business models, energy pricing, etc., but the anal... see more


Bypass diodes (BDs) present in photovoltaic (PV) modules are represented by the exponential model, which requires two parameters: the inverse-saturation current ( I s a t , d b ) and the ideality factor ( ? d b ). However, it is difficult ... see more