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Volume 6 Number Vol 6, No 1: Juni 2023 Year 2023

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Nila Wahyuni

This study aims to analyze the scientific literature on child-friendly city governance using the Bibliometric Analysis framework. Analysis using VOSviewer software version 1.6.19 with database from Google Scholar. The search for articles uses Publish or P... see more

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Redha Maulana Yusra,Hidayatul Fajri

This study aims to determine the role of stakeholders in tourism management using social network analysis. The research was carried out through systematic literature reviews and bibliometric studies, to identify trends and patterns in research related to ... see more

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Muhammad Rizki,Haniah Hanafie

This study discusses the use of the LAKSA application as a forum for the aspirations of the people of Tangerang City in realizing the principles of transparency and participation. The problem of transparency and participation in public services in Tangera... see more

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Rahmad Hidayat,Ima Ferbiyanti

One of the well-known innovations in health services is the Public Safety Center (PSC) 119 program. An initiative program from the Ministry of Health and in collaboration with various local governments. In the city of Mataram, this service program is coup... see more

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Neneng Siti Maryam

Tahapan pengadaan tanah bagi pembangunan untuk kepentingan umum biasanya diawali dengan perencanaan yang berlandaskan studi kelayakan. Permasalahan yang terjadi selama tahap pengadaan tanah adalah pekerjaan yang lamban dan berbelit-belit serta kesalahan ... see more

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Noviyanti Noviyanti,Hesti Inggrit Noviani,Sovianti Octaviasari,Noor Kemalia,Fahmi Bargoyah,Deevana Baihaqy,Putri Septiani Zulfa

Improper waste management has the potential to cause disease, slum settlements, and natural disasters. Ngagelrejo Village, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City established a waste bank based on Regional Regulation of Surabaya City No. 1 of 2019 concerning Am... see more

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Hasbi Ash Shiddieqy,Anike Suci Badriawan

Building a business is determined by the parties who set up the business. If a company is founded by people who do not understand religion then the company will tend to be a company that tends to immoral behavior and even at least to wastefulness, as well... see more

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Nidaul Izzah,Dennysa Damayanti

Cacao is one of the plantation commodities playing an important role in Indonesian economic activities. Cacao also makes a significant contribution to Indonesia’s foreign exchange income. The research aims to identify the impact of total cacao production ... see more

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Widodo Indrijantoro,Iwan Irwansyah

The Municipal Government of Bekasi has known risk management through elements of risk assessment since 2011, but until now in its implementation it has not yet had an ideal strategy so that the hope of creating good governance has not been fully achieved.... see more

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Kezia Rahmawati Santosa,Imam Yuadi

Packaged sweetened drinks are drinks that have been processed and packaged, which usually contain added sweeteners such as sugar, corn syrup, or sugar substitutes such as aspartame, sucralose, or stevia. This study aims to analyze the development of taxes... see more

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Jumanah Jumanah,Arif Nugroho,Nazmah Nuraini,Rizki Alpian,Resti Mastia

The phenomenon of gender equality is still a challenge in Indonesia, especially in the involvement of women in public and political activities. In the history of general elections in Indonesia, women are still considered the second choice in the world of ... see more

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Indah Wahyu Maesarini,Wahidin Septa Zahran

Latar belakang masalah dalam penelitian ini adalah persoalan sampah yang semakin meningkat seiring dengan bertambahnya jumlah penduduk yang menyebabkan meningkatnya jumlah konsumsi dalam masyarakat yang menghasilkan sampah yang tidak sedikit. Jumlah pend... see more

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Anwar Atmojo

Parasuraman, A.; Valerie, A.; and Berry, L., 1985. “A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications for Future Research,” Journal of Marketing, Vol.49Tjiptono, Fandy. 2005. Service Quality and Satisfaction. Andi Offset. Yogyakarta. Tjiptono, ... see more

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Rama Islamiyana,Tengku Rika Valentina,Ira Wati

Expansion of a region within a province is a political condition to provide regional autonomy that prioritizes regional progress in a smaller scope in order to maximize the results of the development of the region. Several phenomena occur in regional deve... see more

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