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Volume 5 Number Vol 5, No 1: JUNI 2022 Year 2022

11 articles in this issue 

Geovani Meiwanda,Fitri Ani

Good governance arises because of a bad government system, good governance is born in order to improve bad governance by implementing participatory policies. One of the efforts made to realize good governance is by implementing a participatory, transparen... see more

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Dendi Fatrah Ramadhan,Abdul Rahman

This study aims to analyze the implementation of the Government's Goods/Services Procurement Policy through E-Procurement at the Depok City Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE). This is based on several problems that occur in the procurement of goods and... see more

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Gary Ekatama Bangun,I Made Suwandi

Cities have a variety of issues that arise. Today's advancements in information and communication technology provide many benefits to human life, including urban management. This article discusses Smart City or Smart City, as well as one of its aspects, S... see more

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Rahma Ridha Rofita

Identitas berdasarkan Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia adalah ciri-ciri atau keadaan khusus yang disebut juga jati diri. Identitas tersebut menjadi cerminan diri dan juga penting sebagai pengakuan atas diri seseorang. Melalui sistem pencatatan sipil dalam adm... see more

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Muhammad Rizky Syah Tio,Hanantyo Sri Nugroho

The urban village Fund is channeled to the subdistrict and delegated to the urban village for the urban village's local infrastructure and community empowerment sector. The object of this research was carried out in the Cokrodiningratan urban village, Yog... see more

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Fauzan Fauzan,Irwan Doni,Rudi Kurniawan,Muryali Muryali

The aim of the state is to educate the nation's life and for that every Indonesian citizen has the right to obtain quality education according to his interests and talents regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, religion and gender. The National Edu... see more

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Haniah Hanafie,Agus Nugraha,Masrul Huda

The establishment of BUMDes to be required for every Village. However, not all BUMDes are in accordance with Permendes No.4 Tahun 2015 there are still BUMDes that do not have any activities at all. The purpose of this study is to examine more deeply abo... see more

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Azna Yusra Sylviana,Hendri Koeswara,Roni Ekha Putera

This research aimed to finding out how government of Jambi city's implying the budget policy throughout the pandemic era by using qualitative method. The data of this research were collected through study of literature and documentations that are related ... see more

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Adam Wira Sanjaya,Muhammad Heru Akhmadi

Poverty in Indonesia continues to increase, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. So that it becomes a problem that needs to be solved by the Indonesian government, one of which is with the social assistance of the Basic Food Program. Social assistance ... see more

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Euis Komalawati,Febriyanti Angelina

This study aims to determine the influence of the quality of public transportation mode services on the Interest of tourist visits in DKI Jakarta. The mode of transportation in question is the Jakarta Explorer Tour Bus service in DKI Jakarta. This study u... see more

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Yuliyanti Arini,Indah Wahyu Maesarini,Muhammad Ilham Aji Faturahman

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis efektivitas penertiban Pedagang Kecil Mandiri studi kasus pelaksanaan Peraturan Daerah Nomor 8 Tahun 2007 di Kelurahan Cipete Selatan Kecamatan Cilandak Jakarta Selatan. Banyaknya Pedagang Kecil Mandiri yang mem... see more

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