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Volume 62 Number 2 Year 2022

6 articles in this issue 

Ichiro Taida

The form ?µ?e?s?? (line 27) is supported by the MSS. (and not a likely scribal correction), the meter, and the probable late date of the Hymn.

Pags. pp. 132 - 147  

Elwira Kaczynska

Hesychius’ Cretan ?????a??? = salty, a compound of ??? and what seems to correspond to Hittite uattaru- “well/spring/source,” suggests that the word originally denoted a “salt source.”

Pags. pp. 148 - 160  

Sara De Martin

Pherecr. fr. 162 presents an ironic quotation of Theognis 467 ff. which serves to thematise fifth-century cultural and educational developments that challenged traditional paideia.

Pags. pp. 161 - 181  

Nerea Terceiro Sanmartín

The festival “of the goddess” mentioned as the backdrop of the Timaeus is not the Panathenaia but the Kallynteria, thus in Thargelion of 429 B.C., chronologically consistent with the setting of the Republic to which the dialogues are linked.

Pags. pp. 182 - 202  

Brad L Cook

A text inscribed on a gold tablet, published here, is an epitome of the oath sworn by Philip V and the Lysimacheians in their attested treaty of alliance in 202 B.C.

Pags. pp. 203 - 238  

Guillermo Galán Vioque

The quotations from Pindar and the Pindaric scholia as collected by Musurus in the scholia on the Planudean Anthology show that he may have had the first and the second Triclinian editions of Pindar at his disposal, which supports the hypothesis of h... see more

Pags. pp. 239 - 254