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Volume 61 Number 1 Year 2021

6 articles in this issue 

Roy van Wijk

The speech should not be read as satirical condemnation of Athenians’ desire for arche, but as a Xenophontic insight into the workings of the democracy, with Thrasybulus admitting the risks but citing the prospect of significant gains.

Pags. pp. 1 - 25  

Ilaria Andolfi

Statements about narrative structure in P.Oxy. 221 and in Aristotle suggest that he may have incorporated Protagoras’ contribution in his own scholarship.

Pags. pp. 26 - 33  

Mikolaj Domaradzki

Plutarch’s endorsement of allegorical interpretations of myth and ritual is only apparently Stoic, and reflects the pervasiveness of the interpretative strategies recommended by rhetorical theory.

Pags. pp. 34 - 61  

Michael Wesley Zellmann-Rohrer,David Martínez-Chico

The apotropaic images and texts of the amulet here published show that it belongs to a small group of amulets known from late Roman Sicily.

Pags. pp. 62 - 72  

Marco Cristini

When the senators order their tenants not to fight against the Ostrogoths, promising t??a?? of their landlords, the word means “blessings,” and not “fields” or “revenues,” the revolutionary policy usually claimed for Totila.

Pags. pp. 73 - 84  

Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido

Kondoleon’s treatment (16th cent.) of the general as orator in his Anthology of Homeric passages ( 1352) shows the influence of the rhetorical theory of the ????? ?s??µat?sµ????, seeking the opposite of what one seems to advocate.

Pags. pp. 85 - 109