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Volume 7 Number 1 Year 2021

32 articles in this issue 

Ayu Puspita, Septian Mugi Rahayu, Amelia Excoelsa

Sanitary napkins during menstruation are the main requirement. According to research, disposable sanitary napkins currently used are carcinogenic and contain harmful substances that can cause dangerous diseases for the reproductive organs. The general obj... see more

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Amalia Amalia, Zen Hafy, Phey Liana

Irregular antibodies or "unexpected antibodies" are antibodies other than antibody A and antibody B that can occur due to pregnancy and blood transfusions. Patients who frequently perform transfusions (multitransfusions) are more at risk of forming irregu... see more

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Risma Aryanti, Farid Perdana, Raden Aldizal Mahendra Rizkio Syamsudin

Green tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) is a trendy herbal drink with many benefits, one as an antioxidant. Catechin from the flavonoid class (polyphenols) in green tea is responsible for determining tea's antioxidant properties. Much research measures ... see more

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Sri Hainil, Trie Yuni Elfasyari, Rofina Intan Sulistya

Pure soy milk is a highly nutritious drink; in general, pure soy milk contains excellent content for the body in the form of protein, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fat, provitamin A and B vitamins. Causing pure soy milk to contain or be contaminated wi... see more

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Vivi Rosalina, R Mahendra

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a degenerative disease due to metabolic disorders with acute to chronic hyperglycemic conditions. The complication of this disease is peripheral neuropathy exacerbated by bacterial infection, causing ulcers (sores) on the feet, h... see more

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Shesanthi Citrariana, Risqika Yuliatantri Paramawidhita, Halida Suryadini, Muhammad Dawam, Awumistiko Awumistiko

Based on the 2017 IDHS survey, most adolescent women (80%) and men (84%) reported dating. The 15-17 years is the age group when adolescents start dating. Teenage dating activities lead to sexual behavior, such as holding hands, hugging, kissing lips, touc... see more

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Gracia Victoria Souisa, Claudya A Lekatompessy, Adriana Ritje Nendissa

Farmers in the processing of land and plants need pesticides to eradicate pests and weeds. Pesticide is a material that has many benefits for the sustainability of the world of agricultural production. Many plant destruction organisms that can reduce yiel... see more

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Hasnawati Hasnawati, Elsa Trinovita, Yudi Y Ambeng

The incidence of urolithiasis tends to relapse, causing increased mortality and medical costs. In 2015, there were 22.1 million cases of urolithiasis which caused death in about 16,000 people. Obesity is a risk factor that can increase the incidence of ur... see more

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Rahmi Widiyawati, Zen Hafy, Phey Liana

Iron is the essential component of our body especially used to make Hemoglobin. If the intake of iron enters from our food less than issued, it makes our reserve iron will be used, and it can cause iron deficiency. There are three pathogenesis stages of i... see more

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Hermanto Hermanto, Putria Carolina, Siti Santy Sianipar

Covid-19 as a global pandemic has overwhelmed the global health care system, and medical personnel experience a large workload due to long service shifts, which impact psychological disorders, one of which is anxiety; the anxiety experienced varies from m... see more

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Arief Rafsanjani, Endang Darmawan, Nurcholid Umam Kurniawan, Tri Puspita Yuliana, Aditya Noviadi Rakhmatullah

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under five years of age and contributed to 14% of total global child deaths in 2013. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and attacks the lung parenchym... see more

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Silvani Permatasari, Vani Vrenika, Florence Felicia, Malasinta Malasinta, Ria Eriani, Ni Putu Saraswati, Mery Irayanti

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Indonesia is one of the developing countries with high TB patients in the world. The most common detection used for TB diagnosis is sputum smear examination. Smear negative p... see more

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Yuniarti Yuniarti, Cahaya Asi, Dea Aprilia, Sherly Veronika

Maternal mortality in Indonesia related to childbirth is 11% infection starting from poor management of perineal rupture. Approximately 85% of women who deliver vaginally have perineal trauma, and less than 1% of episiotomy or perineal ruptures have an in... see more

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Budi Respati Nur Mulianingsih, Dwi Endarti, Anna Wahyuni Widayanti

Hypertension is a health problem that increases mortality and morbidity and the economic burden of healthcare in Indonesia. Analysis of Cost of Illness (COI) must be conducted from different perspectives to provide additional information for policymakers ... see more

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Khusnul Berty Indartantri, Noval Noval, Husda Oktaviannoor

A floating system tablet was made using HPMC K4M and Na matrices. CMC with the active substance diphenhydramine HCl, which absorption in the stomach. The research aims to determine the effect of a combination of HPMC K4M and Na. CMC matrices are optimal i... see more

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Melviani Melviani, Onny Ziasti Fricilia, Jason Merari Peranginangin, Felix Imanuel Rachman, Munawarah Munawarah

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, including in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. People use some medicines to maintain their health. This study aimed to describe the use of drugs in the community and their use and storage during a pandem... see more

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Noval Noval, Ilham Kuncahyo, Adam Ferdian Sigit Pratama, Syafira Nabillah, Roosma Hatmayana

Bundung (Actinoscirpus grossus) is a plant that contains an antioxidant compound proven in previous studies, which has a moderate antioxidant or IC50 by 128 ppm. Antioxidant compounds can reduce the negative impact of oxidants, including metal binding enz... see more

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Putria Carolina, Hermanto Hermanto, Karmita Sari Yanra Katimenta

Patients diagnosed with cancer spend a lot of energy dealing with diagnosis, therapy, and feelings of instability due to possible relapses, death, complications, and financial problems. They often reach the point where they feel that they are very uncerta... see more

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Bangu Bangu, Heriviyatno Julika Siagian, Rosani Naim, Evodius Nasus

Foot ulcers in diabetic patients should receive treatment to reduce the risk of infection and amputation and improve function and quality of life. Wound care techniques are developing very quickly, which can help nurses and patients to improve the healing... see more

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Dahlia Syahrina, Noval Noval

Purple sweet potato has the content of anthocyanin compounds that are efficacious as antioxidants. To deliver these efficacious compounds, formulations of effervescent tablets are required as antioxidants with a combination of citric acid and tartrate aci... see more

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Dahliansyah Dahliansyah

The issue of hindering can be impacted by the insufficient and incessant quality and amount, both small scale and large scale, particularly from the hatchling to the age of 2 a long time, and wiped out children. The frequency of hindering can too be cause... see more

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Septian Mugi Rahayu, Maria Adelheid Ensia, Evaririn Evaririn

The coverage of child immunization in WHO member countries (World Health Organization) has reached 90%; it is estimated that 85% of babies worldwide have been immunized. But there are still 19.3% million babies and children who have not fully received vac... see more

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Eline Charla Sabtina Bingan

Tetanus neonatorum is a disease in neonates caused by Clostridium Tetani spores that enter through the umbilical cord. Various attempts were made to reduce infection in the umbilical cord, one of which is the method of treatment performed on the umbilical... see more

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Mustaqimah Mustaqimah, Rina Saputri, Ali Rakhman Hakim, Reny Indriyani

Hypertension is still the most common disease in the world. South Kalimantan Province in 2018 became the province with the highest number of hypertension sufferers in Indonesia. Hypertensive patients will undergo hypertension therapy for the rest of their... see more

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Desi Desi, Ismi Trihardiani

The occurrence of stunting in toddlers is often unnoticed, and after two years, it is seen that the toddler is short. Chronic nutritional problems in toddlers are caused by poor nutritional intake for a long time due to parents/families do not know or are... see more

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Ahmad Fauzi, Francisca Romana Sri Supadmi, Nurpuji Mumpuni

Blood donation is someone who voluntarily gives blood; then, the feasibility is processed and transfused to patients in need. Blood donors come from voluntary blood donors or substitute donors/families or certain communities. The COVID-19 pandemic is the ... see more

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Barto Mansyah

Degenerative diseases or non-communicable diseases are caused by changes in lifestyle, especially changes in diet. One of the degenerative diseases is type 2 diabetes mellitus, characterized by insufficient insulin secretion, insulin resistance, and incre... see more

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Ni Made Suwarini, Ni Made Ari Sukmandari, Made Ririn Sri Wulandari

Long as the elderly are getting older, the cardiovascular system will experience changes such as arteries losing their elasticity, leading to an increase in pulse and systolic blood pressure. Acupressure is a development of acupuncture therapy that can lo... see more

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Rohama Rohama, Melviani Melviani

Research of mouthwash formulation and evaluation of kalangkala leaves extract (Litsea angulata) as an oral antiseptic also has been tested in Streptococcus mutans bacteria by variation in the concentration of extract 2%, 2,5%, and 3%, which aims to determ... see more

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