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Volume 7 Number 2 Year 2062

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Talat Mirza, Zartaj Ahmed

Policy drives practice and Health Services Research is at the intersection of policy, practice and patient outcomes. Health Services Research in relation to disability has to reform targets to add value to rehabilitation in a policy relevant context. Medi... see more


Sumera Batool, Ashok Panjwani, Amenah Jafarey, Nadeem Rizvi

Fusion of two teeth is rare developmental disorder which is encountered by a clinician. It is commonly reported in deciduous dentition. The fused crown appears broader and usually an esthetic concern. This condition usually reveals a decreased teeth count... see more

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Mirza Hammad-ul-Haq, Sarwat Memon, Durreshahwar Agha, Farhan Sheikh

Background:Gonial angle is extensively used in orthodontics for the diagnosis of the growth pattern. Lateral cephalograms and panoramic radiographs both can be used to assess this angle. The aim of the study was to compare gonial angle measured from the p... see more

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Murtaza Khan, Faisal Iqbal Afridi, Jawaid Abu bakar Warind, Qamar Jamal

Background:Enteric fever spread worldwide by Salmonella typhi (S. typhi). The causative agent, S. typhi is gram negative bacilli belongs to the family Enterobacteriaceae. It is a motile, facultative anaerobic bacilli. Multi-drug resistant (MDR) S. typhi i... see more

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Shaikh Mohammad Shan-e-Din, M. Kashif Shazlee

Background:To determine the ureteric calculus in patients with renal colic using trans-abdominal ultrasound (US) and un-enhanced helical CT (UHCT). The aim of this study was to conduct an evaluation for efficacy of B-mode for diagnosing ureteric calculus ... see more

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Wasfa Farooq, Sumaiyya Ajaz, Anum Mari, Muneeb Shahid, Muntaha Banglani, Saeeda Baig, Moazzam Ali Shahid

Objectives:To develop interest in laboratory based genetic research in undergraduate medical students and to identify the effectiveness of hands on laboratory exposure in culminating interest and confidence in students to pursue further skills and evidenc... see more

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Surrendar Dawani, Aruna Dawani, Hassan Ahmed, Shahid Rasul

BACKGROUND:Staple-line reinforcement is traditionally used in laparoscopic weight loss surgery in order to reduce bleeding and leakage. The purpose of this study was to find out the role of buttressing material Seam Guard (GORE) ® for staple-line reinforc... see more

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Farah Ahmad, Syed Hasan Danish, Ahsan Ashfaq, Sharmeen Naz, Rao Abdul Basit

Background:Most researches on Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders are conducted in secondary health care settings, yet majority patients present at a primary health care level. Functional dyspepsia (Idiopathic or non ulcer dyspepsia) constitutes a tremendous ... see more

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Bilal Saeed, Irfan Ali, Junaid Zeb, Marwa Zeb

Objectives:To assess the prevalence of anxiety, to determine various factors associated with anxiety among undergraduate students.Methods: Descriptive cross sectional study done at different Institutions of Abbottabad from December 2016 to August 2017. Sa... see more

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Ali Mohammad Khatri, Aruna P Dawani, Darayus Percy Gazder, Anees Hussain Jaffery, Wajahat Hussain Wasty

Background:Early pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a process which includes different pain components; laparoscopic cholecystectomy is characterized by a short hospital stay, hence, pain control on the day of surgery is increasingly important. Th... see more

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Lubna Jahanzeb, Zahida Memon, M. Owais Ismail

There is global increase in resistance among bacterial species that lead to critical infections. Most of the Gram-negative bacteria are labelled as multi drug resistant. Among all different species, the Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.aeruginosa) is one of the ... see more

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