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Volume 4 Number 2 Year 2020

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Barnali Nandi,Mohammad Rakiv

This research paper aims to clarify the relationship between the influential factors and their impact on the intention of the customers to make a purchase from social media particularly Facebook in Bangladesh.From the literature review, a conceptual model... see more

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Andri Irawan

Eastern Indonesia is one of the areas affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) such as; culinary businesses are the business sector most affected by this pandemic, where the implementation of social restrictions has resulted in d... see more

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Toman Sony Tambunan

Samosir Regency is an area that has the potential to be developed as a tourism destination through the utilization of various potential natural beauty, local wisdom, and the historical value of cultural civilization, so as to increase regional income, imp... see more

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Abass Olabode Samuel,Umaru Zubairu,Bilkisu Abubakar

This study evaluated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) disclosure in the most profitable companies in Nigeria, a review was carried out on the annual reports and websites of the five most profitable companies in Nigeria according to the market cap lis... see more

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Dian Yulie Reindrawati

This research is conducted due to the existence of new tourism destinations in Surabaya, such as Taman Cahaya, Taman Harmoni and Mangrove Gunung Anyar. The existence of the tourism destinations above gives positive impacts on the community to participate ... see more

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Jiwangga Hadi Nata,Nur Emma Suriani,M Riza Darmawan

The tourism industry is a growing industry where hospitality is an essential business that provides accommodation for tourists. However, in early 2020 there was a COVID-19 pandemic that affected the crisis in the tourism industry. The decline in the numbe... see more

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Powell Gian Hartono,Anita Roosmalina Matusin

This study involved companies engaging in real estate, property, and building construction companies listed in IDX for 2013 - 2019 period as the population. Unbalanced panel data regression was employed using the SPSS version 22 and E-Views version 10 to ... see more

Pags. 139 - 156  

Moh. Darus Salam

This study explored the trends of academic research on brand experience using bibliometric methods. The exploration included statistical data from published articles on Scopus database. Relevant articles were extracted from Scopus indexed journals using k... see more

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