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Volume 5 Number 3 Year 2020

10 articles in this issue 

Yuriy Tsapko,?leksii Tsapko,Olga Bondarenko

The object of research is intumescent coatings for wood, which, under the influence of high temperatures, are capable of forming a coked cellular material layer on the wood surface, which prevents the passage of temperature to the material. One of the mos... see more

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Olena Ivanenko,Vyacheslav Radovenchyk,?aroslav Radovenchyk

The object of research is the processes of obtaining magnetite particles by the method of chemical condensation with the aim of subsequent use in the conversion of carbon monoxide, which is formed during the combustion of carbon-containing materials in co... see more

Pags. 24 - 28  

Dmytro Chasov,Ivan Belmas,Viktor Vernyhora,Bogdan Kolyada

The object of research is the process of transportation of mechanical waste from the machine tool to the area of further processing using a modernized screw conveyor. One of the biggest problems in the transportation of mechanical waste remains the high c... see more

Pags. 28 - 30  

Nina Dmytriieva,Irina Agafonova,Nina Bostan

The object of reseaerch is concrete samples modified with ash-containing fillers and plasticizers. As practice shows, the use of secondary resources is an important issue in the field of construction and entails significant savings. The issue is also cons... see more

Pags. 31 - 34  

Andriy Kontsevoy,Sergii Kontsevoi

The object of research is the stage of purification of process gas of ammonia production with a capacity of 1360–1500 t/day in a two-section plate absorber. The paper substantiates the possibility to replace the monoethanolamine (MEA) absorbent solution w... see more

Pags. 34 - 37  

Yana Biletska,Alina Gontar

The object of research is biscuit dough using flour from sprouted legumes with varying proportions of replacement by reducing wheat flour. The effect of legume flour with a replacement rate of 5, 10, 15, 25% is studied. The importance of the research is d... see more

Pags. 38 - 39  

Natalia Bordiug,Anastasiia Rashchenko,Irina Korpan,Vitaliy Cherkavsky

The object of research is the degree of air pollution as a result of the work of enterprises of certain industries and the technology of their purification. One of the priority tasks is to ensure the country's environmental safety, but for its implementat... see more

Pags. 4 - 8  

Yulia Bondarenko,Olena Bilyk,Oksana Kochubei-Lytvynenko,Galina Andronovich

Model experiments were carried out to establish the effect of flax seeds on the processes that form and mature wheat-flour dough. The study objects were wheat flour of the highest grade (control) and a mixture of wheat flour of the highest grade and whole... see more

Pags. 40 - 45  

Vasil Lyashenko,Oleh Khomenko,Tatiana Chekushina,Fedor Topolnij

The object of research is the technology and technical means for underground mining of ores in energy disturbed massifs of complex structure. One of the most problematic areas is the formation of man-made voids, which affect the emergence and redistributi... see more

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