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Volume 33 Number 2 Year 2022

13 articles in this issue 

Corne Schutte

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."- George Bernard Shaw As reported in February’s editorial, we are in a process of renewing our journal. The biggest change has been to quicken our... see more

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Ellen Mmamonang Ratseou,Rohith Roopnarain Ramphal

Most existing quality programmes have not been adapted to promote the prevention of ethical issues such as fraud, which is constantly reported in the media. This study seeks to uncover the underlying dimensions of ethical quality management and to develop... see more

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Jean-Claude Baraka Munyaka,Sarma Venkata Yadavalli

Inventory is a central management function. It is a cornerstone of supply chain management and logistics in the material management system. Depending on the organisational objectives, inventories in warehouses may be needed to fulfil customer or humanitar... see more

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Cetin Onder INCEKARA

Inappropriately designed classroom furniture that does not take children’s anthropometric measurements into account has a negative effect on children’s musculoskeletal systems. In this study, which kept Covid-19 pandemic policies in mind, students’ static... see more

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Benjamin Batinge,Josephine Kaviti Musango,Fabrizio Ceschin,Amollo Ambole,Suzanne Smit,Matia Mukama,Aine Petrulaityte

Energy security remains a concern in Sub-Saharan Africa. The conceptualisation of energy security at the urban household level has shifted from the security of energy supply to the security of energy services, which is focused more on the demand side. Wom... see more

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Ali Elghomati,Orhan Korhan,Boran Sekeroglu,Kagan Dogruyol

The intensive and repetitive use of touch-screens may pose significant problems, such as ergonomic pain or musculoskeletal disorders. This research aims to study the effect of using mobile touch-screen devices on the human musculoskeletal system during th... see more

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J R Bosch,Chipo N Ngongoni,Sara Grobbelaar

Social enterprises are critical players in economic growth and service delivery. This article presents a tool that helps to identify the aspects that affect the sustainability of social enterprises. The tool is based on a framework that identifies high-gr... see more

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Anthon P Botha,Sharlini Coopasamy

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is upon us, emerging at a rapid pace and providing digitalisation and technology systems that can improve the agility and efficiency of the South African petroleum industry. Owing to the dynamism of and unfamiliarity... see more

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Sello David Koloane

Modern industry is faced with huge challenges in the 21st century. One the most pressing issues is poor plant performance, which erodes shareholders’ return-on-investment. Despite enormous investment in production plants, high availability continues to be... see more

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M Narasimharajan,R Venkatesan

In the modern supply chain management (SCM) environment, Logistics provider-selection is the most critical decision making process, for which the existing literatures enumerate several criteria, that need to be simplified with scientific approach based on... see more

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Juan Carlos Quiroz Flores,Melanie Lucia Vega-Alvites

Failure to deliver orders because of low production capacity is one of the main problems faced by companies in the plastics sector. This has repercussions, creating customer dissatisfaction and directly affecting profits by increasing production costs. Am... see more

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Sara Elizabeth McInerney,Sarma Yadavalli

This study investigates the problems faced by an agricultural wholesaler arising from an inefficient random storage assignment policy. Research was conducted on warehouse operations and storage policies. The ABC classification technique was used to create... see more

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Juan Carlos Quiroz Flores,Francisco Daza-Moran,Angiebett Ramírez-Alva,Martín Collao-Diaz

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is one of the essential and applicable techniques for any organisation in the 21st century, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), that wish to grow their competitive advantages. The LSS approach’s insights offer an opti... see more

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