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Volume 10 Number 1 Year 2023

7 articles in this issue 

Viet-Linh TRAN

The cables are extremely important and vulnerable components in the cable-stayed bridges. Because cable tension is one of the most crucial structural health indicators, therefore, assessing the cable condition based on the cable tension is a major interes... see more

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A three-dimensional finite element numerical model is proposed to study the dynamic behavior of foundations placed on densified soils. The densification of soil was done by dynamic compacting. The characteristics of densified soil are organized in four so... see more

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Qasim Muhammed SHAKIR,Sara H. HAMAD

This research presents an experimental investigation on the behaviour of RC dapped end beams with loaded openings that have been strengthened initially with four different techniques including steel fibre concrete, inclined crossed bars, jacketing with st... see more

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Hemil Manharbhai CHAUHAN,Kaushal B. PARIKH

In current study, Damage estimation is carried out using new methodology using parameters such as absorbed energy and degrading stiffness by pushover analysis. A new stiffness-based damage index is developed for each increasing step of pushover analysis, ... see more

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Long Ng?c NGUYEN,Thanh Tien BUI,Hanh Hong NGUYEN,Thang Xuan LE,Tung Xuan NGUYEN,Hoa Ngoc TRAN

In this paper, we propose an efficient approach to enhance the capacity of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to deal with Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) problems.  Over the last decades, ANN has been extensively utilized for damage detection in str... see more

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The design of structures with re-entrant angle is often the consequence of the functional, architectural or urbanistic requirement. With any form building, the engineer has full responsibility to ensure the safety of the users and the structure in the cas... see more

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To investigate the behaviour of composite action with various shear connectors, push-out tests were performed for eight specimens. Test parameters includes are type of shear connector (headed stud connector and channel connector), number of connectors (on... see more

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