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Volume 2 Number 1 Year 2084

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Yuniarti Yuskar, Tiggi Choanji

Kampar rivers has a length of 413 km with average depth of 7.7 m and width of 143 m. Sixty percent of  this rivers are meandering fluvial system which transport and deposit a mixture of suspended and bed-load (mixed load) along low energy. River chan... see more

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Mohammad Murtaza Sherzoy

Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy inference Systems (ANFIS) both analytical methods are used to predict the values of Atterberg limits, such as the liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index. The main objective of this study is t... see more

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A. Arisona, Mohd Nawawi, Amin E. Khalil, U K Nuraddeen, Mohd Hariri, M A Fathi

This study reviews the correlation between the experimental Rayleigh dispersion curve and the Vp & Vs ground model versus depth. Six samples of stations A , B , C , D ,  E  and  F  were used in the experiment.The geophone spacing used ... see more

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Talha A Al-Dubai, Satria Antoni, Aaid G Al-Zubieri, Jawad Majeed

This work discusses the composition and characteristic of the surficial sediments in the southern corniche of Jeddah, Saudi Red Sea coast, in an attempt to infer the surficial distribution pattern of minerals and provenance of sediments. Twenty-six superf... see more

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Miftahul Jannah, Adi Suryadi, Muchtar Zafir, Randi Saputra, Ihsanul Hakim, Riki Ariyuswanto, Ulfa Yusti

On the study area there are three types of structure, those are fault, fold and joint. Types of fault were found  in the study area, reverse fault with the strike/dip is N215oE/75o, normal fault has a fault directions N22oE and N200oE with pitch 35o,... see more

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Riry Fatriadi, Febby Asteriani, Catur Cahyaningsih

Since 2007 PNPM Urban realize that poverty is a structural problem and multi-dimensional. In PNPM Urban perspective , the complexity of the various dimensions of poverty -related social , political , economic , and asset . this research aim is to know the... see more

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Adi Novriansyah, Novrianti Novrianti, Mursyidah U, Sepria Catur Hadiguna

Enhancing the cement strength through attaching chemical additive has been popular to meet the required condition for a particular well-cementing job. However, due to a low oil-price phenomenon, pouring and additive should be reconsidered because it can r... see more

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Ira Herawati, Novia Rita, Novrianti Novrianti, Rosalia M Taufand

Oil rate will be decline at production time in a well. So, we have to produce in another layer who assume have a potential. Before we produce another layer who assumed have a potential, we need to predict oil rate to known how much oil gain. In this field... see more

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Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis, Henry M Manik

Acoustic waves are transmitted into the subsurface ocean will experience scattering (scattering) caused by marine organisms, material distributed in the ocean, the structure is not homogeneous in seawater, as well as reflections from the surface and the s... see more

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Herika Muhamad Taki, Mohamed Mahmoud H. Maatouk, Emad Mohammad Qurnfulah, Mohammed Omayer Aljoufie

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) implementation in urban development is globally adopted by many countries in the world in a rapid manner. However, the city and regional acute problems is still propagating. An in-depth study to examine this problem is r... see more

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Muhammad Chaerul, La Ode Ngkoimani, Sofyan Sadri

This study aims to determine the limestone facies and diagenesis on Tondo Formation. The method used was petrographic method bypolarizing microscope. Based on the physical characteristics and biota contained, the carbonate rocks on tondo formation (Tmtl) ... see more

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