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This study aims to examine the impact of risk and reputation on financial performance. More specifically, we use financing risk, liquidity risk, reputation with rewards, and growth in profit-sharing based financing as our variable of interests. We also as... see more

This paper investigates the effect of corporate debt on the pattern of earnings management in Indonesia. The issues motivating the paper stems from research gap that has been left unattended. Specifically previous works has been found as failing to differ... see more

This study aims to examine the effect of Regulation, Organizational Commitment, Human Resources Quality, Internal Control Systems, Participation in Budgeting, and Utilization of Information Technology on Village Government Performance. The population in t... see more

This study aims to determine the effect of Islamic corporate governance and slack resources on sustainability reporting of Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia and Malaysia from 2015-2018. The corporate governance in this study consists of sharia su... see more

The research aims to examine the effect of financing types on sustainability reporting with financial performance as a mediating variable. The independent variables in this research are Murabahah Musyarakah, and Mudharabah, while the mediating variable in... see more

The objective of this research are: first, examining the effect of turnover intentions, self rate employee performance and self esteem on acceptance of dysfunctional behavior in audit, and second tested the differences on acceptance of dysfunctional behav... see more

This objective of the research was examined the effect of budgetary participation on budgetary slack using information asymmetry, organizational culture, and group cohesiveness as moderating variables. Hypotheses that proposed is a high budgetary panicipa... see more

This study aimed to analyze about the meaning Muqridh and Qardhul Hasan implementation on IslamicBanking in Indonesia. The paradigm used in this study is interpretive paradigm with a phenomenologicalapproach. The methods of data collection are indepth int... see more

Law of The Republic of Indonesia number 6 of 2014, including its implementation regulation, has mandated that village government to be more independent in term of managing its administration and other natural resource they have, including the financial an... see more

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