Electrostatic Properties and Characterization of Specific Polymeric Materials for Building Purposes

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Sraja Chauhan, Ajay Singh Verma    

Low power consumption, small device size and better controlled onto the charge carriers are the factors, that made Single-electron transistor (SET) a suitable candidate for molecular electronics; yet there are some improvements that can be done in order ... see more

Umaralikhan L,Raju S,Liyahathalikhan B,Joseph P.S    

The FTIR and FT-Raman spectra of thiocyanatobi( piperidinyldithiocarbamate) antimony(III) have been recorded in the region4000-400 cm-1. Utilizing the observed FTIR and FT-Raman data, a whole vibrational assignment and analysis of necessary modes of the ... see more

U. Tarabara, K. Vus, S. Girnyk, N. Kamneva, O. Lavryk, M. Mikhailyuta, V. Trusova, G. Gorbenko    

The influence of the lysozyme and serum albumin in their native and amyloid forms on the electrokinetic behavior of the negatively charged uni- and multilamellar liposomes from the zwitterionic lipid phosphatidylcholine and anionic lipid cardiolipin has ... see more

Andrey V. Tokar,Olga P. Chigvintseva    

Using ab initio methods of quantum chemistry the structure and spectral properties for molecular complexes, which were formed by monomer of phenilon ?-2 chain, including some intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonding effects as well as electrostatic int... see more