Variabilidad espacial de la velocidad de infiltración del agua en el suelo. I. Generación de datos


Variabilidad espacial de la velocidad de infiltración del agua en el suelo. I. Generación de datosCiencia e Investigación Agraria, Revista latinoamericana en Ciencias de la Agricultura, está indexada en las siguientes bases de datos: Thomson ISI, Alerta al Conocimiento, AGRIS, BIBA, Biological and Agricultural Index, CAB, Clase Periódica, DIALNET, LATINDEX y Periódica Índice de Revistas Latinoamericanas en Ciencias, SilverPLatter, Worldcat. Vía Internet es indexada por el buscador GoogleTM y entre otros se encuentra citada por Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals e INFOCYT.Para ver los artículos contenidos en cada edición haga click sobre la portadaInicio de DescargasBuscar documentoRCIACategoríasVolume 40, Issue 1 Jan - Apr 2013 ( 20 Archivos )RESEARCH PAPERAGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSTHE SOCIOECONOMIC AND TECHNICAL STATUS OF CUT FLOWER PRODUCERS IN TABASCO, MEXICOMaría I. Saldaña y Hernández, Regino Gómez, Juan M. Pat, José D. Álvarez, Julián Pérez, and Carlos F. OrtizPage 5PREFERENCES FOR SUNFLOWER OIL PRODUCED CONVENTIONALLY, PRODUCED WITH NANOTECHNOLOGY OR GENETICALLY MODIFIED IN THE ARAUCANÍA REGION OF CHILEBerta Schnettler, Gloria Crisóstomo, Natally Mills, Horacio Miranda, Marcos Mora, Germán Lobos, and Klaus G. GrunertPage 17CONSUMER RESPONSES TO AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE ADVERTISING IN THE O'HIGGINS REGION OF CHILECristian Adasme-Berríos, Roberto Jara-Rojas, Bárbara Ramos-Cabello, Marcelo Rodríguez, and Marcos MoraPage 31FACTORS THAT DETERMINE THE USE OF CONTRACT FARMING BY SOUTHERN CHILEAN FARMERSLiliana Morales, Rodrigo Echeverría, and María del V. BarreraPage 43ASSESSING LONG- AND SHORT -TERM TRENDS IN CEREAL YIELDS: THE CASE OF CHILEBETWEEN 1929 AND 2009Alejandra Engler, and Alejandro del PozoPage 55LABOR AS A WELFARE MEASURE IN CONTINGENT VALUATION: THE VALUE OF A FOREST RESTORATION PROJECTIgnacio Schiappacasse, Felipe Vásquez, Laura Nahuelhual, and Cristian EcheverríaPage 69A COMPARISON OF FARM LAND VALUE DETERMINANTS IN CHILE BETWEEN THE 1978-1998 AND 1999-2008 PERIODSGuillermo Donoso, José Cancino, Ricardo Olguín, and Daniela SchönhautPage 85CROP PRODUCTIONCHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF CORN AND SORGHUM GRAINS CULTIVATED IN OXISOL WITH DIFFERENT APPLICATION METHODS AND DOSES OF ZINCAline P. Puga, Renato de Mello Prado, Ben-Hur Mattiuz, Diego Wyllyam do Vale, Ivana M. FonsecaPage 97CROP PROTECTIONEFFECTS OF INSECT CADAVERS INFECTED BY Heterorhabditis bacteriophora AND Steinernemadiaprepesi ON PARASITISM OF Meloidogyne incognita IN PEPPER AND SUMMER SQUASH PLANTSEleodoro E. Del Valle, Paola Lax, Juan Rondán Dueñas, and Marcelo E. DoucetPage 109THE ALTERNATIVE CONTROL OF POWDERY MILDEW COMPLEX (Leveillula taurica AND Erysiphesp.) IN TOMATO IN THE AZAPA VALLEY, CHILEGermán Sepúlveda-Chavera, Ricardo Salvatierra-Martínez, and Rodrigo Andía-Guardia Page 119EVALUATION OF DMI FUNGICIDES AGAINST SPECIES OF Diplodia AND NeofusicoccumASSOCIATED WITH BOTRYOSPHAERIA CANKER OF GRAPEVINECarolina Torres, Bernardo A. Latorre, Pedro Undurraga, and Ximena BesoainPage 131VARIATION OVER TIME IN THE PREVALENCES OF THREE VIRUSES OF THE GRAPEVINE LEAFROLL COMPLEX IN A COMMERCIAL VINEYARD IN SOUTH-CENTRAL CHILEMaría Valentina Mujica, Roxana Mora, Marlene Rosales, and Claudio SandovalPage 139ENVIRONMENTTURNING WASTE INTO A RESOURCE: ST UDY OF THE EFFECT OF CONTAINERS MADE OF GIANT REED WEEDS ON THE SHELF LIFE AND QUALITY OF TOMATOES AND STRAWBERRIESTeresa García-Ortuño, Angel A. Carbonell-Barrachina, Javier Andreu-Rodríguez, María T. Ferrández-García, Angel Calín-Sanchez, Manuel Ferrández-Villena, and Clara E. Ferrández-GarcíaPage 149PHYTOCHEMISTRYTHE ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF CALAFATE (Berberis microphylla) FRUITS FROM FOUR DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN SOUTHERN CHILEEmilia Mariangel, Marjorie Reyes-Diaz, Walter Lobos, Emma Bensch, Heidi Schalchli, and Pamela IbarraPage 161PLANT BREEDING, GENETIC AND GENETIC RESOURCESENHANCED in vitro DROUGHT TOLERANCE OF Solanum tuberosum AND Solanum commersoniiPLANTS OVEREXPRESSING A SCCBF1 GENEMaría Teresa Pino, Andrea Ávila, Andrea Molina, Zoran Jeknic, and Tony H.H. ChenPage 171RESEARCH NOTEANIMAL ECOLOGYDIET OF GUANACO IN SHEEP-FREE RANGELAND IN TIERRA DEL FUEGO, CHILE Alejandra E. Muñoz, and Javier A. SimonettiPage 185ANIMAL PRODUCTIONBEHAVIOR OF GRAZING EUROPEAN WILD BOAR (Sus scrofa) IN A SEMI-EXTENSIVE PRODUCTION SYSTEMSuzanne M. Hodgkinson, Felipe Matus, and Ignacio F. LopezPage 193CROP PRODUCTIONEFFECT OF METHYL JASMONATE TREATMENTS ON THE BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL QUALITY OF 'FUJI' APPLESBurhan Öztürk, Ebubekir Altuntas, Kenan Yildiz, Yakup Ozkan, and Onur SaracogluPage 201ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGYPROPAGATION OF Sophora toromiro THROUGH INTERSPECIFIC GRAFTING TO SUPPORTSPECIES CONSERVATIONJaime Espejo, Marcelo Baeza, Eduardo Ruiz, Freddy Mora, Miguel Gomez, and Gloria MontenegroPage 213MICROBIOLOGYPATHOGEN CONTROL USING A NATURAL CHILEAN BEE POLLEN EXTRACT OF KNOWNBOTANICAL ORIGINCarol Cabrera, and Gloria MontenegroPage 223Author Guidelines Volume 39, Issue 2 May - August 2012 ( 16 Archivos )LITERATURE REVIEWBOTANYNEW RECORDS AND ADDITIONS TO THE CHILEAN BRYOPHYTE FLORAJorge Cuvertino, Víctor Ardiles, Felipe Osorio, snd Ximena RomeroPage 245RESEARCH PAPERAGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSA CHARACTERIZATION OF CHILEAN FARMERS BASED ON THEIR MARKET-PRODUCTION ORIENTATIONRodrigo Echeverría, Víctor Moreira, José Barrena, and Munisamy GopinathPage 255REFRIGERATION LOGISTICS OPERATIONS AND PERISHABLE TRANSPORT COSTS IN GROUPAGE LOADS: AN APPLICATION FOR SPANISH EXPORTS IN EUROPESilvia Andrés González-MoralejoPage 265ANIMAL PRODUCTIONGROWTH MODELING OF CASTRATED BRAHMAN MALES RAISED IN TROPICAL CONDITIONS AND BORN IN DIFFERENT SEASONSJosé A. Miguel, Sandy J. Melendez, Begoña Asenjo, Luis M. Bonilla, and Jesús CiriaPage 279MEAT QUALITY AND CARCASS CHARACTERISTICS OF MERINO PRECOCE SUCKLING LAMBS RAISED UNDER CONFINEMENT IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEMI-HUMID DRYLAND OF CENTRAL CHILEPatricio Pérez, Mario Maino, María Sol Morales, Gerda Tomic, Francisco Aguilera, and Juan Ignacio EgañaPage 289CROP PROTECTIONSIMULATION OF CONTROL STRATEGIES FOR DECISION-MAKING REGARDING Digitaria sanguinalis IN GLYPHOSATE-RESISTANT SOYBEANSFernando H. Oreja, Fernando Bastida, And José L. Gonzalez-AndujarPAGE 299FRESH MATTER PRODUCTION BY TWO FORMS OF Oxalis latifolia AS INFLUENCED BY SOIL AND CLIMATEAritz Royo-Esnal And María Luisa LópezPage 309ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGYGENETIC DIVERSITY IN Egeria densa AND e. Najas IN JUPIÁ RESERVOIR, BRAZIL Edson S. Mori, Dagoberto Martins, Edivaldo D. Velini, Celso L. Marino, Cantídio F. Gouvêa,Suzi M.M. Leite, Edwin Camacho, and Raymond P. GuriesPage 321RESEARCH NOTEANIMAL PRODUCTIONSTABILITY ANALYSIS OF FORAGE PRODUCTION IN Bromus catharticus (PRAIRIE GRASS) USING THREE METHODOLOGIESLiliana Abbott, Susana Filippini, Hugo Delfino, and Susana PistoralePage 331CROP PROTECTIONMOLECULAR DETECTION AND CLASSIFICATION OF THE PHYTOPLASMA THAT CAUSES PURPLE TOP IN POTATOES (Solanum tuberosum) IN THE STATE OF MEXICOAna T. Gutiérrez-Ibáñez, Antonio Laguna–Cerda, Reina Rojas-Martínez, Ramiro González-Garza,and Martha L. Salgado-SiclánPage 339THE In Vitro ANTIFUNGAL EVALUATION OF A COMMERCIAL EXTRACT OF CHILEAN PROPOLIS AGAINST SIX FUNGI OF AGRICULTURAL IMPORTANCEMacarena Curifuta, Jorge Vidal, Jaime Sánchez-Venegas, Aliro Contreras, Luis A. Salazar,And Marysol AlvearPage 347ORNAMENTAL CROPSPHENOLOGICAL CYCLE AND FLORAL DEVELOPMENT OF Chloraea Crispa (ORCHIDACEAE) Ursula Steinfort, Mauricio A. Cisternas, Rolando García, Hermine Vogel, Gabriela VerdugoPage 377SOIL MANAGEMENTANALYSIS OF SOIL ORGANIC MATTER IN TROPICAL SOILS WITH NEAR-INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY (NIRS) AND CHEMOMETRICSAarón Jarquín-Sánchez, Sergio Salgado-García, David J. Palma-López, And Wilder Camacho-ChiuPage 387 39(2):395-396. Instructions to AuthorsPage 395Volume 39, Issue 3 Sep - Dec 2012 ( 21 Archivos )LITERATURE REVIEWESSAY ECOLOGY: AN INTEGRATED SCIENCE FOR THE ARTIFICIALIZATION OF NATUREJuan Gastó, Diego Subercaseaux, and Leonardo VeraPage 397RESEARCH PAPER ANIMAL HEALTH PRESENCE OF TETRACYCLINE RESISTANT BACTERIA AND GENES IN GRASSLAND-BASED ANIMAL PRODUCTION SYSTEMSLiliana López, Johanna Santamaría, Alexandra Sanchez, Lida Castro, and Jessica L. MorenoPage 411ANIMAL NUTRITIONEFFECT OF THE TYPE OF SUBSTRATE ON THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND PRODUCTIVITY OF A PROTEIN CONCENTRATE OF YEAST ORIGINAlejandro Velasquez, Rodrigo Arias, and Marcelo ToneattiPage 425CROP PRODUCTIONINCLUSION OF VARIOUS CONTROLLED RELEASE FERTILIZERS IN MOSS SUBSTRATES (Sphagnum mageììanicum)Christel Oberpaur, Carolina Fernandez, Guillermo Delano, and M. Eugenia ArévaloPage 435CROP PROTECTIONBOTRYOSPHAERIACEAE SPECIES AFFECTING TABLE GRAPE VINEYARDS IN CHILE AND CULTIVAR SUSCEPTIBILITYAndrea Morales, Bernardo A. Latorre, Eduardo Piontelli, and Ximena BesoainPage 445DETERMINATION OF SPATIOTEMPORAL STABILITY OF CORN HEAD SMUT (Sporisoriwu reilianum) BY SADIEJosé F. Ramírez-Dávila, Jesús R. Sánchez-Pale, Elvia Porcayo-Camargo, and Carlos de LeónPage 459GERMICIDAL EFFECT OF UV LIGHT ON EPIPHYTIC FUNGI ISOLATED FROM BLUEBERRYBernardo A. Latorre, Susana Rojas, Gonzalo A. Díaz, and Hernán ChuaquiPage 473THE EFFECTS OF THE ESSENTIAL OIL AND HYDROLATE OF CANELO (Driinys winteri) ON ADULTS OF Aegorhinus superciliosus IN THE LABORATORYRamón Rebolledo, Juan Abarzúa, Andrea Zavala, Andrés Quiroz,Marysol Alvear, and Alfonso AguileraPage 481ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGYAPPLYING A BIOECONOMIC OPTIMAL CONTROL MODEL TO CHARCOAL PRODUCTION: THE CASE OF SLASH-AND-BURN AGRICULTURE IN MEXICOFernando Arrocha, and Mauricio G. VillenaPage 489FORESTRYTHE INFLUENCE OF N AND P SUPPLY AND GENOTYPE ON N IMMOBILIZATION IN CONTAINERIZEDPinus radiata PLANTSHoracio E. Bown, Michael S. Watt, Peter W. Clinton, and Euan G. MasonPage 505CURRENT AND POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTION AREAS FOR Nothofagus alessandrii, AN ENDANGERED TREE SPECIES FROM CENTRAL CHILERómulo Santelices, Fernando Drake, Carlos Mena, Rodrigo Ordenes, and Rafael M. Navarro-CerrilloPage 521PLANT BREEDING, GENETIC AND GENETIC RESOURCES   GENETIC CHARACTERIZATION OF JAPANESE PLUM CULTIVARS (Primus salicina) USING SSR AND ISSR MOLECULAR MARKERSBasilio Carrasco, Carole Díaz, Mario Moya, Marlene Gebauer, and Rolando García-GonzálezPage 533SOIL MANAGEMENT APPROXIMATION OF THE SURFACE OF GYPSEOUS SOILS IN SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, MEXICOJuan F. Martinez-Montoya, Juan Herrero-Isern, Jorge Aceves-de Alba, Jorge Palacio-Núñez, Víctor M. Ruiz-Vera, and Genaro Olmos-OropezaPage 545RESEARCH NOTEAGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSESTIMATION OF THE LIFESPAN OF AGRICULTURAL TRACTOR USING A DIFFUSION MODEL AT THE AGGREGATE LEVELRicardo Muñoz and José LlanosPage 557CROP PRODUCTIONPHLOEMATIC MOBILITY OF lOBORON IN KIWIFRUIT(Actinidia deliciosa) MIXED SHOOTSCarlos Sotomayor, Rafael Ruiz and Luis MuñozPage 563SENSITIVITY OF WILD-TYPE AND MUTANT Trichoderma harzianum STRAINS TO FUNGICIDESRodrigo Herrera, David Núñez, Natalia Romero, Ximena Besoain, Luz María Pérez, and Jaime MontealegrePage 569ORNAMENTAL CROPSDECREASED TIME FROM SEED TO FLOWERING CORM SIZE IN Zephyra elegans VIA IN VITRO CULTIVATIONAlexis K. Vidal, Dong-Sheng Han, Masaru Nakano, and Yoshiji NiimiPage 577PLANT BREEDING, GENETIC AND GENETIC RESOURCES EFFICIENT PROTOCOLS FOR THE EXTRACTION OF MICROBIAL DNA FROM THE RHIZOSPHERE OF HYDROPHILIC FORESTS IN CHILEPablo Cáceres, Cecilia Cordero, Gloria Gonzalez, Karla Quiroz, Juan C. Bobadilla, Carmen Bravo, Peter D.S. Caligari, Basilio Carrasco, and Rolando García-GonzálesPage 585SIMPLE AND ROBUST DNA EXTRACTION METHOD FOR THE LARGE-SCALE ANALYSIS OF GENOTYPES CONTAINING HIGH POLYPHENOLIC CONTENT, SUCHAS LANDRACES OF Solarium tuberosum AND ZEA MAYSMacarena Barra, Erika Salazar, María Beltrán, and Boris SagredoPage 593 SCIENTIFICS REVIEWERS VOLUME 39, 2012 AUTHOR AND SUBJECT INDEX VOLUME 39, 2012Volume 39, Issue 1 January - April 2012 ( 21 Archivos )RESEARCH PAPER AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS EFFECTS OF CONTRACTS AND WORK RELATIONSHIPS ON SALARIES AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION OF WORKERS IN THE CHILEAN AGRICULTURAL SECTOR, 1996 AND 2006Page 5Jorge Campos, and William Foster.FACTORS THAT AFFECT FRUIT CONSUMPTION IN SCHOOLS OF THE METROPOLITAN REGION (CHILE):THE CASE OF TWO SCHOOLS IN THE DISTRICT OF LO PRADO.Page 19Andre Beaujanot, Guillermo Donoso, and Andrea del Valle.FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE PRICE OF CATTLE IN LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS: THE CASE OF THE STOCKYARD OF MELIPILLA (CHILE)Page 37Javier L. Troncoso, Alejandra Engler,Paula Manriquez, and Antonio Valdivia.CONSUMER PREFERENCES AND WILLINGNESS TO PAY FOR ORGANIC APPLESPage 47Arcadio A. Cerda, Leidy Y. García, Samuel Ortega-Farías, and Álvaro M. Ubilla.ANIMAL PRODUCTIONMANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION, AND NUTRITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CUP-PLANT (Silphium perfoliatum) IN TEMPERATE CLIMATES OF SOUTHERN CHILE.Page 61Gastón Pichard.CROP PRODUCTIONANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES AND COLOR OF Hibiscus sabdariffa EXTRACTS.Page 79Claudia Salazar-González, Fidel T. Vergara-Balderas, Ana E. Ortega-Regules, and José Á. Guerrero-Beltrán.COLD STORAGE EFFECTS ON OXIDATIVE STRESS OF CV. RED GLOBE TABLE GRAPE RACHIS.Page 91Reinaldo Campos-Vargas, Pablo Zamora, Rodrigo Contreras, Hans Köhler, Gustavo E. Zúñiga, Alonso Pérez-Donoso, and Bruno G. Defi lippi.PLANT NUTRITION, FOLIAR STANDARDS, CHLOROPHYLL ACTIVITY AND SOIL NUTRIENT STATUS OF TWO CULTIVARS OF Leucospermum cordifolium (PROTEACEAE).Page 105Carlos E. Álvarez, Marino Fernández-Falcón, and María M. Hernández.PRUNING EFFECTS ON VEGETATIVE GROWTH AND FRUIT QUALITY OF ‘BING’/‘GISELA®5’ AND‘BING’/‘GISELA®6’SWEET CHERRY TREES (Prunus avium).Page 117Macarena Villasante, Soledad Godoy, Juan P. Zoffoli, and Marlene Ayala.SEASONAL PATTERN OF ROOT GROWTH IN RELATION TO SHOOT PHENOLOGY AND SOIL TEMPERATURE IN SWEETCHERRY TREES (Prunus avium): A PRELIMINARY STUDY IN CENTRAL CHILE.Page 127Claudia Bonomelli, Carlos Bonilla, Edouard Acuña, and Pamela Artacho.CROP PROTECTIONEFFECT OF THE INOCULUM SIZE ON THE AXENIC in vitro PRODUCTION OF Steinernema carpocapsae.Page 137Juan Suárez-Sánchez, Raquel Alatorre-Rosas, Héctor M. Poggi-Varaldo, and Josefi na Barrera-Cortés.FEMALE CALLING AND MALE FLIGHT ORIENTATION AND SEARCHING BEHAVIOURS IN Callisphyris apicicornis: EVIDENCE FOR A FEMALE-PRODUCED SEX ATTRACTANT PHEROMONE.Page 147Tomislav Curkovic, and Catalina FerreraENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGYAN ECOPHYSIOGRAPHIC APPROACH FOR Araucaria araucana REGENERATION MANAGEMENT.Page 159Fernando Drake, Juan R. Molina, and Miguel Á. Herrera.PLANT BREEDING, GENETIC AND GENETIC RESOURCES COMBINING GENETIC GAIN AND DIVERSITY UNDER INDIVIDUAL SELECTION METHOD IN A SELECTED PROVENANCE OF Eucalyptus cladocalyx.Page 177Freddy Mora, and Javier SaavedraRESEARCH NOTECROP PRODUCTIONAN ANALYSIS OF THE PHYSICAL AND GERMINATION PARAMETERS OF THE SWEET CHESTNUT (Castanea sativa).Page 185Susana Benedetti, Marta González, Edison García, and Iván Quiroz.EFFECT OF SULFUR FERTILIZATION ON WHEAT PRODUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL QUALITY (Triticum Aestivum).Page 193Luis E. Herrera, Hernán Pinilla, and Héctor Sanhueza.PETECA RIND PITTING AS INFLUENCED BY PROLINE CONTENT IN WINTER LEMON ALBEDO.Page 201Thomas Fichet, Jorge Chamorro, and Alejandro Riquelme.CROP PROTECTIONEFFECT OF WATER STRESS ON HERBICIDE EFFICIENCY  APPLIED TO Urochloa decumbens.Page 211Maria R. Rocha-Pereira, Antônio E. Klar, Dagoberto Martins, José I. Cardoso da Silva, Guilherme S. Ferreira de Souza, and Juana Villalba.EFFECT WATER ACTIVITY ON in vitro MYCELIAL GROWTH OF Neofusicoccum spp. INFECTING BLUEBERRY.Page 221Bernardo A. Latorre, Gonzalo A. Díaz, and María P. Reed.ENVIROMENTAL AND ECOLOGYRELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHLORIDE CONCENTRATION AND ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY IN GROUNDWATER AND ITS ESTIMATION FROM VERTICAL ELECTRICAL SOUNDINGS (VES) IN GUASAVE, SINALOA, MEXICO.Page 229Héctor J. Peinado Guevara, Carlos R. Green Ruíz, Jaime Herrera Barrientos, Oscar A. Escolero Fuentes, Omar Delgado Rodríguez, Salvador I. Belmonte Jiménez, and María Á. Ladrón de Guevara. INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORVolume 38, Issue 3 Sep - Dec 2011 ( 17 Archivos )AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSTECHNICAL EFFICIENCY FOR A SAMPLE OF CHILEAN WINE GRAPE PRODUCERS: A STOCHASTIC PRODUCTION FRONTIER ANALYSIS • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages  321-329Víctor H. Moreira, Javier L. Troncoso, and Boris E. Bravo-UretaANIMAL PRODUCTIONPRODUCTION AND MEAT FATTY ACIDS PROFILE OF HEREFORD STEERS FED ON PASTURE WITH AND WITHOUT OAT GRAIN SUPPLEMENT CHILE, VIII REGION • RESEARCH NOTE • Pages 331- 338Germán Klee, Néstor Mendoza, and Jorge ChavarriaCROP PRODUCTIONEFFECTS ON FRUIT PRODUCTION AND QUALITY OF DIFFERENT DORMANT PRUNING INTENSITIES IN 'BING7'GISELA®6' SWEET CHERRIES (Primus avium) IN CENTRALCHILE • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 339-344Eduardo von Bennewitz, Claudio Fredes, Tomas Losak, Carolina Martinez, and Jaroslav HlusekCROP PROTECTIONSOILS SUPPRESSIVE AGAINST Gaeumannomyees graminis VAR. tritici IDENTIFIED UNDER WHEAT CROP MONOCULTURE IN SOUTHERN CHILE • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 345-356Orlando Andrade, Ricardo Campillo, Amelia Peyrelongue, and Leticia BarrientesSPRAY DEPOSITION ON WEEDS OF COMMON BEAN CROPS • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 357-365Andreia C. P. Rodrigues-Costa, Dagoberto Martins, Neumárcio V. Costa, and Maria R. R. PereiraDIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE Aegorhinus genus IN THE LA ARAUCANÍA REGION OF CHILE, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO A. superciliosus AND A. nodipennis • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 367-377Andrea Zavala, Mario Elgueta, Juan Abarzúa, Alfonso Aguilera, Andrés Quiróz, and Ramón RebolledoMETHODOLOGICAL PROPOSAL FOR PREDICTIVE AND CARTOGRAPHIC MODELING OF INSECT POPULATION: Semidalis kolbei CASE, THE ARAUCANÍA REGION, CHILE • RESEARCH PAPER • Pages 379-390Nelson Ojeda, Ramón Rebolledo, Soraya Calzadilla, Hector Soto, and Luis MoralesCHANGES IN WING LENGTH IN THE POLLINATOR Bombas dahlbomii OCCURRING WITH THE FRAGMENTATION OF THE MAULINO FOREST, CHILE • RESEARCH NOTE • Pages 391-396Maureen M. Murúa, Audrey A. Grez, and Javier A. SimonettiEFFECT OF AN INFUSION OF CANELO AND BITTER LUPIN ON Aegorhinus superciliosus ADULTS • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 397-403Romina Quintana, Alexis Palma, Ramon Rebolledo, and Alfonso AguileraENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGYWIND-INDUCED LEANING (TOPPLING) IN YOUNG Pinus radiata PLANTATIONS IN CHILE • RESEARCH PAPER • Pages 405-414Manuel Toral, Horacio E. Bown, Alejandro Manon, José Alvarez, and Rafael Navarro-CerrilloTHE POPULATION OF EARTHWORMS Lumbricus SPP. ON THE PLATEAU OF LA PAZ, BOLIVIA • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 415-423Manuel G. Loza-Murguia, René Acho, Alcides Arce, Roxana Huaycho, Nicanor Aruhiza, and Sofia MamaniFOOD TECHNOLOGYPECTIN EXTRACTION FROM CV. PINK LADY (Mains puntila) APPLES • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 425-434Nelson Loyola, Paula Pavéz, and Sergio LilloINFLUENCE OF CALCIUM CHLORIDE CONCENTRATION ON PHYSIOCHEMICAL AND SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS OF TOFU • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 435-440Javier Leiva, Valeria Rodriguez, and Elias MunozPLANT BREEDING, GENETICS AND GENETIC RESOURCES HETEROGENEOUS GENETIC STRUCTURE IN A NATURAL POPULATION OF RAULÌ (Nothofagus nervosa) • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 441-452Basilio Carrasco, Lafayette Eaton, Luis Letelier, Carole Diaz, and Rolando Garcia-GonzàlesMOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF Lotus coniiculatus CULTIVARS USING TRANSFERABLE MICROSATELLITE MARKERS • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 453-461Diego Alem, Rafael Narancio, Paola Diaz Dellavalle, Monica Rebuffo, Rodrigo Zarza, and Marco Dalla Rizz SCIENTIFICS REVIEWERS VOLUME 38, 2011 AUTHOR AND SUBJECT INDEX VOLUME 38, 2011Volume 38, Issue 2, May - August 2011 ( 15 Archivos )AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS Optimal subdivision of land in agrarian reform projects: an analysis using genetic algorithms • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 169-178José Ambrósio Ferreira Neto, Edgard Carneiro dos Santos Junior, Urbano Fra Paleo, David Miranda Barros, Mayron César de Oliveira MoreiraPerceived quality in fresh peaches: an approach through structural equation modeling • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 179-190Marcos Mora, Jacqueline Espinoza, Berta Schnettler, Gemma Echeverría, Stefano Predieri, and Rodrigo InfanteCROP PRODUCTIONThe seasonal and inter-annual patterns of biomass accumulation and crude protein in kleingrass (Panicum coloratum) in the semiarid Pampean region of Argentina. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 191-198Carlos M. Ferri.Determination of harvest maturity of D'Agen plums using the chlorophyll absorbance index. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 199-203Rodrigo Infante, Pía Rubio, Loreto Contador, Massimo Noferini, and Guillermo CostaImplementation of an in vitro bioassay as an indicator of the bionutrient FitoMas E. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 205-210María Elena Díaz de Villegas, Grizel Delgado, Mauricio Rivas, Esmérida Torres, and Maribel SauraPerformance of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) cultivars in a tropical sheltered production system. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 211-217Mayte PiñónDifferent alternatives for producing sprouts of avocado (Persea americana) rootstocks. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 219-226Mónica Castro, Claudia Fassio, Nicole Darrouy, Marcela Aedo, and Lorena JorqueraThe effects of centrifugal pruning on fruiting structure production in Royal Gala apples. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 221-232María Dolores Raffo, Rodolfo Rodríguez, and Lucía MañuecoCROP PROTECTIONAlternative plants hosts of legume aphids and predators, in the province of León (Spain). • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 233-242Isabel Bertolaccini, Etelvina Núñez-Pérez, and Emilio Jorge TizadoEffects of physicochemical soil properties of five agricultural soils on herbicide soil adsorption and leaching. • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 243-251Claudio Alister, Manuel Araya, and Marcelo KoganSpatial distribution of head smut (Sporisorium reilianum) of corn in Mexico. • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 253-263Jesús Ricardo Sánchez-Pale, José Francisco Ramírez-Dávila, Andrés González-Huerta, and Carlos de León The use of actometry and electronic nose devices to assess the locomotor activity of two species of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera). • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 265-275Guillermo Heit, Valeria Messina, Graciela Mareggiani, Rosa Cohen, and Paola CarrizoENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGYSoil C/N influences carbon flux and partitioning in control and fertilized mini-plots of Pinus radiata in New Zealand. • RESEARCH PAPER • Pages 277-289Horacio E. Bown, Michael S. Watt, Peter W. Clinton, and Euan G.FOOD TECHNOLOGYAnalogy of physicochemical attributes of two grape seeds cultivars. • RESEARCH PAPER •Pages 291-301Seyed Mohammad Ahmadi, and Barat Ali SiahsarHUMAN HEALTHThe medicinal value of honey: a review on its benefits to human health, with a special focus on its effects on glycemic regulation. • LITERATURE REVIEW •Pages 309-323Manuel E. Cortés, Pilar Vigil, and Gloria MontenegroINSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORSPages 319Volume 38, Issue 1, January - Abril 2011 ( 16 Archivos ) AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIC  MARKET INTEGRATION FOR CHILEAN WHEAT PRICES USING VECTOR ERROR CORRECTION MODELS (VECM), A COINTEGRATION ANALYSIS. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 5 - 14Rodrigo Valdes, Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel, and José Díaz ANIMAL PRODUCTION PRODUCTION SYSTEMS, TECHNICAL PARAMETERS AND QUALITY OF BOVINE MILK PRODUCERS IN SOUTHERN CHILE. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 15 - 30Jorge A. Pérez NUTRIENT ABSORPTION, FEED INTAKE AND LIVEWEIGHT CHANGE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ROUX-EN-Y GASTRIC BYPASS WITH INCREASING ALIMENTARY LIMB LENGTHS IN THE PIG MODEL. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 31 - 40Mónica Gandarillas, Camilo Boza, Luis Barrales, Suzanne Marie Hodgkinson, and Fernando BasCROP PRODUCTIONVEGETATIVE GROWTH OF TWO MULBERRY SPECIES (Morus multicaulis AND M. alba) UNDER GREENHOUSE CONDITION AND IN FIELD CONDITION. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 41 - 52Myrna Johnston, Alfredo Olivares, and Yoespi Bustos SNAP BEAN PRODUCTION USING SUNFLOWERS AS LIVING TRELLISES IN THE CENTRAL HIGH VALLEYS OF MEXICO. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 53 - 64Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Omar Franco-Mora, and Andrés González-Huerta EFFECT OF WATER AVAILABILITY ON PHYSIOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE AND YIELD OF A CROP OF LETTUCE (Lactuca sativa). • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 65 - 74Marco A. Molina-Montenegro, Rómulo Oses, and Andrés Zurita-Silva CROP PROTECTION INFLUENCE OF DRY LEAVES OF COMMON TREE AND SHRUB SPECIES FROM SOUTHERN CHILE IN THE GROWTH OF LETTUCE INFECTED WITH Meloidogyne hapla. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 75 - 82Nolberto Arismendi, and Laura Bohm USING PENOXSULAM ALS INHIBITOR AS A BROAD-SPECTRUM HERBICIDE IN CHILEAN RICE. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 83 - 94Marcelo Kogan, Patricio Gómez, Albert Fischer, and Claudio Alister ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY HORIZONTAL STRUCTURE AND FLORISTIC COMPOSITION OF SHRUBBY-ARBOREAL STRATA ON FOREST PLANTED TO REHABILITATE A DEGRADED AREA OF THE BRAZILIAN ATLANTIC FOREST, RIO DO JANEIRO. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 95 - 106Joana Farias dos Santos, Cristiane Roppa, Schweyka Stanley Holanda de Oliveira, and Ricardo Valcarcel In vitro ROOTING OF Beilschmiedia berteroana, ENDEMIC TO THE SOUTH CENTRAL AREA OF CHILE. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 107 - 116Matilde Uribe, Marian Sandoval, Amado Méndez, Freddy Mora, and Catherine DelaveauMICROBIOLOGYEFFECT OF CHILEAN PROPOLIS ON CARIOGENIC BACTERIA Lactobacillus fermentum.• RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 117 - 126Nicolás Saavedra, Leticia Barrientos, Christian L. Herrera, Marysol Alvear, Gloria Montenegro, and Luis A. SalazarPLANT BREEDING, GENETICS AND GENETIC RESOURCESGENETIC VARIATION AMONG AND WITHIN TRITIPYRUM (Thinopyrum bessarabicum x Triticum durum) LINES USING PCR-BASED MOLECULAR MARKERS. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 127 - 136Barat Ali Siahsar, Maryam Allahdoo, and Hossein Shahsevand Hassani SEEDLING VIGOR VARIATION AMONG 80 RECOMBINANT CHROMOSOME SUBSTITUTION LINES (RCSL) OF BARLEY (Hordeum vulgare).• RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 137 - 148Luis Inostroza, Celerino Quezada, Wladimir Inostroza, Iván Matus, Maritza Tapia, and Alejandro del Pozo COMPARISON OF NUTRITION COMPOSITION OF TRANSGENIC MAIZE (CHITINASE GENE) WITH ITS NON-TRANSGENIC COUNTERPART. • RESEARCH NOTE •Pages 149 - 154Yan Ping-mei, Rui Yu-kui, Yan Xiao-yan, Chai Zheng, Wang Qing, Du Jian-zhong, and Sun YiSOIL MANAGEMENTSPATIAL VARIABILITY OF AN ALFISOL CULTIVATED WITH SUGARCANE. • RESEARCH PAPERS •Pages 155 - 166Joedna Silva Cruz, Raimundo Nonato de Assis Jr, Sammy Sidney Rocha Matias, and Jesús Hernán Camacho-Tamayo INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS Pages 167-168Volume 37, Issue 3, Sept - Dec 2010 ( 16 Archivos )PLANT TISSUE CULTURE: CURRENT STATUS, OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES • LITERATURE REVIEWPages 5-30Rolando García-Gonzáles, Karla Quiroz, Basilio Carrasco, and Peter D.S. CaligariINFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT PLANTS SUBSTRATES ON DEVELOPMENT AND REPRODUCTION FOR LABORATORY REARING OF Pseudococcus calceolariae (MASKELL) (HEMIPTERA: PSEUDOCOCCIDAE) • RESEARCH PAPER Pages 31-37Tania Zaviezo, Elizabeth Cadena, M. Fernanda Flores, and Jan BergmannEFFECTS OF AUTOCLAVING ON THE APPARENT DIGESTIBILITY COEFFICIENT OF DEHULLED PEA SEED MEAL (Pisum sativum L.) IN RAINBOW TROUT (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.) • RESEARCH PAPERPages 39-46Adrián Hernández, Aliro Bórquez, Leonardo Alcaíno, Jorge Morales, Patricio Dantagnan, and Patricio SaezREGION-LEVEL YIELD AND AREA PRICE ELASTICITIES FOR CHILEAN WHEAT INCORPORATING CLIMATE VARIABLES • RESEARCH PAPERPages 47-56Sergio González, and William FosterIn vitro PROTEIN BREAKDOWN BY ENZYME EXTRACTS OF RUMEN ORIGIN: COMPARISON WITH METHODS in situ AND PROTEASES OF Streptomyces griseus • RESEARCH PAPERPages 57-70Alejandro Velásquez, and Gastón PichardMITIGATING EFFECT OF SALICYLIC ACID AND NITRATE ON WATER RELATIONS AND OSMOTIC ADJUSTMENT IN MAIZE, CV. LLUTEÑO EXPOSED TO SALINITY • RESEARCH PAPERPages 71-81Hugo Escobar, Richard Bustos, Felipe Fernández, Henry Cárcamo, Herman Silva, Nicolás Frank, Liliana CardemilGENERALIZED COMPOSITE INTERVAL MAPPING OFFERS IMPROVED EFFICIENCY IN THE ANALYSIS OF loci INFLUENCING NON-NORMAL CONTINUOUS TRAITS • RESEARCH PAPERPages 83-89Freddy Mora, Carlos Alberto Scapim, Adam Baharum, and Antonio Teixeira do Amaral JúniorCHARACTERIZATION OF MAIZE POPULATIONS IN DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS BY MEANS OF THREE-MODE PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS ANALYSIS • RESEARCH PAPERPages 91-103Marta Marticorena, Sergio Bramardi, and Raquel DefacioINFLUENCE OF PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES ON THE PRICE OF LAND: THE CASE OF THE PROVINCE OF TALCA, CHILE • RESEARCH PAPERPages 105-112Javier L. Troncoso, Medardo Aguirre, Paula Manriquez, Varinia Labarra, Yony OrmazábalQUANTIFICATION AND CONTROL OF RUNOFF AND SOIL EROSION ON AVOCADO ORCHARDS ON RIDGES ALONG STEEP-HILLSLOPES • RESEARCH PAPERPages 113-123Cristian Youlton, Paulina Espejo, Jaime Biggs, Marcela Norambuena, Marco Cisternas, Alexander Neaman, and Eduardo SalgadoINBREEDING DEPRESSION AND GENETIC COMPONENTS FOR POPPING EXPANSION AND OTHER TRAITSIN BRAZILIAN POPULATIONS OF POPCORN • RESEARCH NOTEPages 125-132Emmanuel Arnhold, José Marcelo Soriano Viana, Freddy Mora, Glauco Vieira Miranda, and Ricardo Gonçalves SilvaTOXICOLOGICAL EFFECT FROM THE STEM CORTEX OF THE AMAZONIC PLANT SOAPBERRY Paullinia clavigera (SAPINDACEAE) UPON THREE ARTHROPODS •RESEARCH NOTEPages 133-143Diana Pérez, José Iannacone, and Harvey PinedoHarmonia axyridis IN CHILE: A NEW THREAT •RESEARCH NOTEPages 145-149Audrey Grez, Tania Zaviezo, Guillermo González, and Sergio RothmannSCIENTIFICS REVIEWERS VOLUME 37, 2010Pages 151-155AUTHOR AND SUBJECT INDEX VOLUME 37, 2010Pages 157-161VOLUME INDEX 37, 2010Pages 163-166Volume 37, Issue 2, May - August 2010 ( 16 Archivos )Genetic parameters of growth and survival in Acacia saligna shrubs • RESEARCH PAPERPages 5-14Freddy Mora, Sandra Perret, Carlos Alberto Scapim, and Emmanuel ArnholdIdentification of proanthocyanidins extracted from Pinus radiata D. Don bark • RESEARCH PAPERPages 15-25Soledad Cortés, Hugo Pulgar, Verónica Sanhueza, Estrella Aspé, and Katherina FernándezSusceptibility of Eucalyptus spp. to an induced infestation of red gum lerp psyllid Glycaspis brimblecombei Moore (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) in Santiago, Chile • RESEARCH PAPERPages 27-33Amanda Huerta, Miguel Faúndez, and Jaime E. ArayaTiller population density and productivity in tall fescue and prairie grass swards • RESEARCH PAPERPages 35-44Jorge Scheneiter, and Silvia AssueroVegetation changes after 15 years of abandonment of crop fields in the Pampas Region (Argentina), • RESEARCH PAPERPages 45-53Silvia Boccanelli, Eduardo Pire, and Juan LewisProduction of crystallized fruit from watermelon rind • RESEARCH PAPERPages 55-60Mauro Gontero, Adriano Brandelli, and Caciano Zapata NoreñaPhenology and ripening of Vitis vinifera L. grape varieties in São Joaquim, southern Brazil: a new South American wine growing region • RESEARCH PAPERPages 61-75Eliana F. Gris, Vívian M. Burin, Emilio Brighenti, Hamilton Vieira, and Marilde T. Bordignon-LuizAnalysis of major metallic elements in Chilean wines by atomic absorption spectroscopy• RESEARCH PAPERPages 77-85V. Felipe Laurie, Evelyn Villagra1, Jaime Tapia, Jorge E. S. Sarkis and Marcos A. HortellaniParticipation determinants and impact assessment of the Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP) credit program • RESEARCH PAPERPages 87-99Guillermo Donoso, Oscar Melo, and Eduardo NegreteAn analysis of factors affecting the adoption of economic and productive data recording methods of Chilean farmers • RESEARCH PAPERPages 101-109Alejandra Engler and Roger ToledoMigration of coccinellids to alfalfa fields with varying adjacent vegetation in Central Chile • RESEARCH PAPERPages 111-121Audrey A. Grez, Constanza Torres, Tania Zaviezo, Blas Lavandero, and Marcelo RamírezComparison of relative abundance and diversity of coccinellids (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.), under two production systems in the La Araucanía Region, Chile • SCIENTIFIC NOTEPages 123-129Marcela Vera, Alfonso Aguilera, and Ramón RebolledoAnalysis of the echolocation calls and morphometry of a population of Myotis chiloensis (Waterhouse, 1838) from the southern Chilean temperate forest •SCIENTIFIC NOTEPages 131-139Gonzalo Ossa, José Tomás Ibarra, Kathrin Barboza, Felipe Hernández, Nicolás Gálvez, Jerry Lakerand Cristián BonacicRelations fecal coliforms/ fecal Streptococci as indicators of the origin of fecal pollution in urban and rural water bodies of Temuco, Chile •SCIENTIFIC NOTEPages 141-149Reinaldo Rivera,1Patricio de Los Ríos, and Ángel ContrerasVinification and Enology, Based on Competencies • BOOK REVIEWSPage 151Claudio Fredes MonsalveInstructions to Authors155 - 156

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