Wojciech BATKO    
Bartusz PRZYSUCHA    


The authors focus their attention on the identification of the probability distribution density function of the sound level, which constitutes the basis for the proper statistical inferences and uncertainty assessments in the environment acousti­cal hazard control. Their functional form is a metric for the analysis of acoustical measurement results burdened with random errors. Its proper selection conditions the rightness of statistical inferences in relation to the analyzed noise effect. The problem of identification of the noise level probability distribution form was presented on the grounds of the sound La level monitored at one of the main streets in Lublin. The analysis of differences and references to the normal distribution form, commonly applied to statistical analysis of the acoustical measurement results, was carried out. It is the aim of the authors, that the presented results should become the basis of a broader discussion concerning new esti­mation procedures of the controlled noise indicators and their uncertainty assessment. Also new verification procedures of the rightness of model acoustical formalisms, assumed in numerous environment acoustic investigations, are re­quired.

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