BIODIVERSITAS JENIS IKAN YANG TERTANGKAP PADA BIOREEFTEK DI PERAIRAN GALESONG UTARA, SELAT MAKASSAR Wayan Kantun Dananjaya,Indra Cahyono Cahyono,Nuraeni Lewa Rapi,Harianti Mansur Mansur,Fathuddin Fathuddin Fathuddin,Surya Salim Salim


Demersal fishing has taken place intensively so that it has an impact on changes in population and ecosystem dynamics. Based on this, the research was conducted to determine the composition of fish species, species diversity, species uniformity, and the dominance of fish species caught around the bioreeftech. This research was conducted in the coastal waters of Sampulungan Village, North Galesong, Takalar Regency from September to November 2022. This study used an experimental method by installing fish apartments at different water depths. Data collection was carried out using a survey method through observation and direct catching of bioreeftech using traps. These observations were made twice a week for two months. The results showed that the samples of fish caught at the study site were 358 individuals which were grouped into 10 species. The composition of fish species caught during the study was in the range of 4,75- 17,04%, diversity ranged from 2,460-18,394 with medium and high categories, uniformity 0.194-2.896 with low, medium and high categories and low dominance range of 0,002-0,029. The composition of catches in fish apartments is dominated by red snapper, varied and uniformity of diversity with low dominance.

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