Playing with Distinction? Music Therapy and the Affordances of Improvisation

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Julia Downes    

Playing it Queer: Popular Music, Identity and Queer World-makingJodie TaylorBern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, 2012ISBN 978-3-0343-0553-2 (PB) 978-3-0351-0420-2 (eBook)

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Graça Boal-Palheiros    

In recent decades, cultural institutions in Western countries have developed educational services and supported community cultural projects. Through the rhetoric of social inclusion, the concert hall Casa da Música (CM) in Porto, Portugal, tries to reach... see more

Adele Keala Fournet    

This article is a distillation of an ethnography conducted in the fall of 2008 of female rock instrumentalists performing in bands in the Tampa, Florida bay area. The study looked into why there are comparatively very few female rock instrumentalists (fi... see more

Junita Batubara,Emmi Simangunsong,Kamaluddin Sigalingging,Ance Juliet Panggabean    

Alam Menyapa is a musical composition which is a blend of Western and traditional music from various countries. The idea for Alam Menyapa came from the composition Song of the Birds, which was once used as therapeutic music for drug-affected patients, at... see more

Emmanuel Fasipe    

The use of indigenous musical instruments has played a significant role in the life and worship experience of the Yoruba Christians of Southwestern Nigeria. The early missionaries who brought Christianity to Yorubaland discouraged the use of indigenous s... see more