Adaptation and Forms of Social Capital of Coastal Communities in Environmental Preservation


This article aims to provied an overview of social capital bonding that is able to become a force to obtain an adaptive capacity of coastal communities in environmental conservation. The strength of this adaptive capacity becomes resilience and flexsibility in coastal communities. It is able to mobilize resources owned by coastal communities and modify institutions. This research takes locus and tempus in Tambak Lorok village, North Semarang subdistrict, Semarang City. This research uses a qualitative approach with the type of research is a case study, The technique of collecting data is done by observation and indepth interviews. On the preservation of the environment the community must increase awareness and manifest environmental concerns and the importance of environmental preservation for their survival. The type of social capital tied to the existence of trans social interaction between members and the norm for bonding social capital raises adaptive capacities namely cooperation togetherness and expertise in mobilizing collective resources in coastal communities. Resilience and flexibility in maintaining environmental preservation in coastal communities is a form of adaptive capacity that is carried out continuously.

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