Application of Positive Design Principles Towards Improvement of Human Mental Health

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Anisa Fitri,Ahmad Zaeni    

This research is based on the low ability of students' mathematical connections. A learning approach that can improve students' mathematical connection ability is the Brain-Based Learning (BBL) approach. The purpose of this study is to determine whether ... see more

Euis Eti RohaetiNelly FitrianiPadillah Akbar    

This study aims to examine the development of an interactive learning model using Visual Basic Application for Microsoft excel with ethnomathematical content on fractions, to improve primary school students’ mathematical reasoning abilities. The research... see more

Revista: Infinity Journal

Bobby Yocbahawie, Naftali Yudhistira, Mugiatno Sumbodo    

School is a very important place for every individual and also the primary center of a smartnation generation where the teaching and learning process is carried out continuously everyday. In the teaching and learning process, communication between parent... see more

Tiara Noviarini, Yulianto    

This study aims to find out the utterances in the conversation between teacher and students through the application message what's an appand it is to find out the utterances which include positive politeness and negative politeness. This research is a qu... see more

Larysa V. Gorbatiuk, Nataliia V. Kravchenko, Hanna M. Alekseeva, Tetiana S. Rozumna    

In the article the authors consider the problem of forming foreign lexical competence of students. It has been generally accepted that foreign lexical competence is the basis of foreign communicative competence which in turn is an obligatory component of... see more