The production and the capitalization channel of the grapes and wine become efficientwhen it has an increased level of integration, eliminating as many links that increase the priceartificially. The evolution and the integration of a European production and capitalizationsystem, programmed and controlled, will eliminate this situation relatively favourable for thesmall producer who capitalizes directly the production of grapes or wine evading the controlsystem and the taxes and the contributions owed for the merchandise circulation.The technical and technological endowment is another major problem of theRomanian viticulture and wine-making. The viticulture has an old-fashioned endowment,morally and materially used, energy consuming and inefficient in the matter of costs andquality of the works. There are no specialized firms for the small producers that wouldperform services and the maintenance is based mainly on the manual work and the work ofdraft animals. We can find a situation relatively fortunate at the bigger farms where themajority succeeded to be endowed accomplishing an essential condition for the increasing ofthe economical efficiency by reducing the consumption of manual work. The wine-makingrepresents a major problem for the small producer because of the necessary investments for aperforming technological line that becomes efficient only from a total of 50 carriages, whichneeds a minimum area of 100 ha. Under these circumstances the small producers will resort totraditional wine-making which doesn’t capitalize the staples economically, nor as capability,nor as a matter of quality, and as a consequence the obtained wine is expensive and bad, nothaving a chance to be capitalized in an organized trade.The production and the capitalizationchannel of the grapes and wine become efficient when it has an increased level of integrationeliminating as many links that increase the price artificially. The evolution and the integrationof a European production and capitalization system programmed and controlled will eliminatethis situation relatively favourable for the small producer who capitalizes directly theproduction of grapes or wine evading the control system and the taxes and the contributionsowed for the merchandise circulation. The future solution in the case of the small producers isto be associated in a system that would assure the obtaining of grapes of great quality andtheir industrialization in modern unities with performing technologies obtaining wines withhigh quality that could compete on a more demanding and more divers market.

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