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Performance Analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Based Syngas


External chemical reactors for steam reforming and water gas shift reactions are needed for a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system using syngas fuel. For the preheating of syngas and stable steam reforming reaction at 600 °C, residual hydrogen from a fuel cell and a certain amount of additional syngas are burned. The combustion temperature is calculated and the molar ratio of the syngas into burner and steam reformer is determined. Based on thermodynamics and electrochemistry, the electric power density and energy conversion efficiency of a PEM fuel cell based syngas are expressed. The effects of the temperature, the hydrogen utilization factor at the anode, and the molar ratio of the syngas into burner and steam reformer on the performance of a PEM fuel cell are discussed. To achieve the maximum power density or efficiency, the key parameters are determined. This manuscript presents the detailed operating process of a PEM fuel cell, the allocation of the syngas for combustion and electric generation, and the feasibility of a PEM fuel cell using syngas.

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